Male or Female: Choosing a Divorce Attorney**

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Male or Female Choosing a Divorce Attorney

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For many people, there comes a point of time when they find out that their better halves, which they believed they would spend the rest of their life with, play fast and loose. Meanwhile, their wing sentiments get vanished, their marital relationships become fragile, and they start thinking long and hard about getting a divorce. Truth be told, different people have different reasons for ending their marriages. Even though the most common cause of the crisis of most married couples is infidelity, lack of understanding can also break up any marriage. Getting over the crisis has never been easy, particularly when it is your family that falls apart.

Sometimes, people decide to get divorced via websites like the one that offers Washington divorce online services. In this case, they can go without legal support. However, if they have many unsolved issues and fail to settle them on their own, then hiring a lawyer is out of the question for sure. If you find yourself in the same situation, then you will seek legal backing eventually.

You have probably heard of people who were desperately looking for a lawyer of a specific gender when they went through a divorce. This is mainly because many believe that having a female or male professional will benefit their case one way or another. A woman may think that if she hires a male attorney, he will be tougher on her husband. Meanwhile, a man may believe that if he gets a female lawyer, she will make him seem more sympathetic.

The reality is that while some people strive to get male attorneys, others look for female ones. But does gender matter? Does it make sense to consider your attorney’s gender as something that can make or break? Let’s sift these questions to the bottom.

What Factors Count

If you genuinely believe that getting an attorney of a specific gender will benefit your case, then you are very likely to end up disappointed eventually. Take note that your case will not be heard in front of laypeople, so be your lawyer a woman or man, no one will know that anyway.

If your case is tough, then it is very likely to be heard in court. But while your lawyer’s expertise may bring to bear on the judge, his or her gender will not for sure! Counsels at law, who have been working for a while in your location, are very likely to be known to all there, and judges are not an exception. We assure you that the latter cannot care less about the sex of your attorney. What they do care about is nothing but your lawyers’ professionalism, work ethics, and performance. But you should understand that far not all cases go to trial. Truth be told, only 5% of them are heard in court. More often, partners decide on settling everything amicably if they can.

Can the sex of your lawyer help you succeed during negotiations? If you take into account gender stereotypes, then you may think that a male lawyer will aggressively help you turn the trick, or that a female counsel will help you reach an understanding with your partner more easily. Sometimes, this is so. However, more often, what matters most is the experience and preparation of a professional, not his or her gender. 

What You Should Take Into Account When Choosing an Attorney

The truth is that the sex of your counsel will not affect the court’s decision, nor help you come to an understanding with your partner. Given the said, it is up to your personal preferences what gender your counsel at law should be. If you feel like working with a woman gives you more confidence, then here you go. If hiring a male counsel is what makes you feel most yourself, then no problem!

Your lawyer is your pillar of support in this stressful situation, and you should feel as snug as a bug in a rug working with him or her. Moreover, when having a hard time, it is crucial to have a knowledgeable person you can trust. This is when gender matters! Excluding your comfort, take into account other factors that can turn the tables: your lawyers’ expertise, ethics, reputation, and experience with similar cases.


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