Roberts Bakery Bread Review


My milkman decided to drop a free loaf of medium white Robert Bakery Bread at our doorstep. So here’s what we thought of it. This is not our usual brand of bread, as a family we tend to buy Warburtons white or wholemeal bread for our daily toast.

I used the bread to make toast, egg sandwich, tuna sandwich, cheese toasties and homemade breadcrumbs with the ends of the bread. So I decided to ask the opinions of my two kids aged 4 and 6+ as well as my husband on what they thought.

Kids: They both loved it (I don’t think they realised it was a different brand of bread until I told them)

Husband: He prefered our usual brand of bread, he said the bread felt more dense and not as light.

Myself: I personally did not mind it at all, I preferred it toasted the best. As a sandwich I felt the texture of the bread to be more dense compared to our usual brand of bread.

Verdict: Thank you for the sample, we enjoyed the bread but I don’t think we loved it enough to change from our usual brand of bread.

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