Blaze Farm Review

Here’s a review of Blaza Farm also known as Ice-cream Farm which is located at Wildboarclough in Macclesfield. The farm is way up on the hill which means you will be able to see some stunnning view of Cheshire. Blaze farm is a fully working farm so visitors to the place will get the opportunity to see the animals at the farm, do the nature trail walk and even experience watching a real live lamb being born if you visit the farm in early Spring.


The above photos gives you a rough image on how the barn looks like and its surroundings.


The above photo was taken of my son and I at the lambing shed. If you visit the farm in early Spring (usually from the first week of April), you will be able to see baby lambs being born. Children will also get the chance to hold on to the lamb and get their photos taken by them beaming parents. The lambing season does not last long, so check their website to know exactly when is the last date for the year.

The next three photos with the white boarder was photographed last year. We visited the farm around the same time but the weather was really cold…. but don’t let that stop you. Just make sure you have your hats and gloves on as there are no heating in the farm and most of the activities are done outdoor.


Photos of my daughter at the farm (which was taken last Spring), my son was only 2+ then so he just wanted to touch the lamb, we went back again a week later and he was ready to hold the lamb.


Photos of some of the animals in the shed (taken last Spring) when the weather was still cold. This year when we went, most of the animals were on the fields just roaming around. There was also a shed with hens. cockrels and peacocks.


Blaze Farm has a lovely tearoom serving all sorts of food such as sandwhiches, baked potatoes and oatcakes. Hence they don’t allow you to bring picnics. They also serve beautiful scones as well as a large selection of homemade ice-cream.


On a nice day… its great to sit out on the bench while the kids play on the tractor and their infamous tube slide (although it might look scary, the kids enjoyed the bumpy ride). Some views of the majestic scenery from Blaze Farm.


How much does it cost to get into Blaze Farm?

The whole experience is completely free, we only paid £1.50 each to enter the lambing shed which was well worth the money. Because the farm mainly makes money from their cafe and ice-cream parlour, no picnics are allowed on the farm grounds.

Where is Blaze Farm?

Wildboarclough, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK11 OBL.


Please be dressed for the weather especially if its wet. Bring along a wetsuit and wellies if you plan to do the nature trail as it can get quite muddy at places. When we did the nature trail it was a relatively dry day but there were still patches of mud around.

There will be lots of signs reminding everyone to wash their hands especially after contact with animals. I would recommend bringing along wet wipes as well as hand sanitizers just to be extra safe.

There are lots of parking spots but the spaces are narrow, if you get there early then you will be able to park on the stone pavements, otherwise you will need to park on the fields which is perfectly fine (unless its been raining and muddy and you don’t want to be stuck in there especially if you are driving an auomatic car). Mostly importantly there will be lots of kids runnign around so drive as slow as you can in the vicinity.

Allocate plenty of time to spend at Blaze Farm as there as there is also a pottery place for you to

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