Hightown Fish and Chip Review

Everyone has their favourite fish and chip shop and I can safely say, this is our favourite shop. Its called Hightown and based in Congleton, Cheshire. The fish and chips have always been fresh and not soggy, throughout the many times we have been there. This is so important, as it takes a good 10 minutes before we get home and start with the meal. Here are the opening hours and contact details.


The shop is clean but small, there is just enough space for the que lane, customers enter through one door and exiting through another door. Unfortunately there is no space for you to sit and eat at the shop. The Congleton Park is just 5 minutes away, so that is a lovely place to stop by to have your fish and chips if you are visiting. The staff are friendly and they are always busy (especially on a Friday) so the chips and fish tend to be always fresh. Have a quick peak at the menu board. They also do steamed pies, sausages, curry, kids meals and other items as well.


Photos of the fish and chips, mushy peas (not too watery or minty…just how I like it) and yes, we do have our fish and chip with gravy (nice thick consistency) ..some what of a tradition which I started and has caught on with the rest of the family. As you can see from the picture, another must have item is our favourite Maggi Malaysian Chilli Sauce (which you can buy in UK from most supermarkets like Tesco).


Here’s a short video which we made of the review. The video has been uploaded in HD version with music, so if its blurry on your screen, please make sure you click on setting (which looks like a wheele at the bottom of the video) and set the resolution to suit your screen. Alternately you can also view it directly on my youtube channel. Feel free to leave your comments below or share this post video on social media networks.


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