Calypso Sun Cream Review*


Calypso Sun Cream 20 APF Calypso Sun Cream 40 SPF

I was sent two bottles of Calypso newest sun cream product under the ‘once a day’ range to review. The first suncream is for kids with 40 SPF (high protection). It is also water resistant and I am told that it only requires one application. The other bottle is for adults with 20 SPF (medium protection), water resistant and becomes active after 15 minutes.

As a family we have our own favourite sun cream brand which we have been using for years but we decided to give this a go. With a spat of glorious sunny weather the last few weeks, we were able to test the sun cream a couple of times. The prices for these sun cream are very reasonable without compromising on the quality or or effectiveness. Price ranges from £5.95 to £10.77 depending on where you buy it.

Personally, I found the smell very fragrant and coconuty. It made me feel like I was already on a vacation by the beach somewhere even though I was still at home. The sun cream’s texture felt a little more greasy and grainy compared to our usual brand soon as it was rubbed, but a good 5 minutes later, it was fine. The kids said that they felt the lotion was more grainy on their skin. We did not get sunburnt and somewhat I felt that it did a better job as I felt it the sun cream’s presence more on my skin and the sun cream was not absorbed. Will we use it again? Yes of course, or I will, but the kids would need some convincing.

Here’s the full range of the suncream.


Did you know that The Calypso sun cream was created 40 years ago in the UK for the local market? There are currently over 50 different product range being sold by the Company.


Where can I buy Calypso sun protection products?

Their products are available to buy in Home Bargains, B&M Bargains, Bodycare, TJ Hughes, Well Pharmacy, Semichem, Asda, Wilko, Aldo, Rowlands and independent pharmacies.


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