Chennai Dosa Indian Restaurant Review

Growing up in Malaysia, food has always been a very important part of my culture and upbringing. That said, I am on a mission to get the kids acquainted with a variety of Asian dishes particularly South Indian ones. We headed to Chennai Dosa Restaurant in Manchester with friends for lunch to try their spread. This would be the second time I have been there and we tried a different selection of food to the first time.

Do read on to find out more about the place and what they served there. If you have kids, the restaurant is kids friendly and there is a wide range of non-spicy food, for the kids to try while you indulge in spicy dishes.

Here are some photos of the interior and exterior of the restaurant. There is a bar available for customers wanting alcoholic drinks with their food,


Both my kids have more of a western palate and enjoy bread to rice or noodles. So we ordered a variety of dishes for them to try such as chappatis (soft bread) which came with a non-spicy potato masala dipping sauce. Kids’s dosa meal (also known as crispy tosai or paper tosai) which came looking like a tall hat (this was served with dhall curry/sambar, tomato and coriander chutney as well as coconut chutney dipping sauce). The chutneys were thin and not as spicy as I would have wanted them to be. But they were just fine as it was for the kids.

Us adults ordered a thali meal which was a rice meal with 8 vegetarian side dishes such as lenthil curry, cabbage stir fry, carrot and cucumber raita (yoghurt), chicpeas curry, rasam (spicy soup which is good for digestion), pickle, halwa for dessert. This was served with white rice, papadums and a meat curry dish….. I ordered lamb while my friend had the fish.


Chennai Dosa is a well known chain restaurant and although its not as good as some of the South Indian food I have tasted, its the closest to what I know of, right here in Manchester and it settled my cravings.

Below are more photos of the restaurant, the water was served in a traditional silverware tumbler which was quite authentic. The puffed up bread is puri, my kids loved eating it so much, we had to get another another order of that and extra chappati’s for them.

Very happy that the trip did not turn into a disaster and my kids made the effort to a variety of South Indian food. I am looking forward to them heading to Chennai Dosa again in the future.



Where is Chennai Dosa in Manchester?

303-305 Palatine road, Manchester, Northenden M22 4HH

Tel: 0161 317 7251


Parking tip – Try to park at the Northenden Park (behind the restaurant) or around the housing areas as the high street can get quite busy and has a parking restriction of an hour


What is Chennai Dosa’s Opening Hours in Manchester?

Monday to Friday – 12:00noon to 3:00pm, 5:00pm to 10:30pm

Sat, Sun & Bank Holidays -11:00am to 10:30pm

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