Staffordshire Police Open Day

It’s back again! Staffordshire Police Open Day is happening this Sunday in Stafford, with lots of activities, demonstrations, display, Police car experience, kid’s competition, stalls and more. We had the opportunity to be there last year and it was totally a blast. Read on for tips on how to make your trip a fantastic one.


Last year’s Open Day event was super good, there were literally hundreds and hundreds of people attending the event. We arrived close to noon and there were lots of signs and directions when we got close to the area. We were directed to a huge grassy car park to park our cars. Then we queued up for a free shuttle bus which brought up to the event area (some people walked as they did not want to wait, won’t recommend that as it was hot and quite a long walk especially if you have young kids with you).


Once we got there, there were loads of activities such as climbing, birds of prey, police car experience, bouncy castle, face painting, dancing shows, helicopters were in the air, lots of police cars were parked up for you to sit inside. We also took photo with Kash, the police dog mascot who was very patient (it must have been really hot wearing the costume in the heat and patiently taking photos with hundreds of excited kids…and their parents).

Kids enjoyed the fact that they could speak to police officers who were really friendly and chatty. Most of the activities on the day were free with a small donation / fee so it was well worth it.



* It was super hot last year, and we were all tanned by the end of the day (although we had sun cream and hats on), so I would recommend to be prepared for the weather, rain coats or sun tan cream and hats.

* Because it was so busy, we had to que up for everything, I remember the face painting and ice-cream took an hour each on the que. We also had to que to buy the food, que for the bouncy castle and the rest. We ended up splitting (my husband went with my son to to watch the patrol cars etc while I was with my daughter doing face paintings).

*Try to go there as early as possible, we were there by noon and it was super full already.

All in all it was super duper day. Our kids still talk about the day till today and I would totally recommend heading there if you have never experienced the Open Day.

When is Staffs Open Day this year?

It takes place on Sunday, 4 June 2017 from 11am until 4pm at Weston Road, Stafford, ST18 OYY.


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