Rudyard Lake Steam Train Review

We love living in Staffordshire, as there is so much to do on the weekend and during term holidays with the kids. There are lots of nature parks, national trust sites, wildlife trust, pottery, museums or just fun activity to do like heading for a train ride with the kids to Leek.

Rudyard Lake Steam Railway is located at Rudyard Station in Leek, North Staffordshire. The 3 mile return train ride ticket for adults cost £4.50 while its £3 for children. You are also able to purchase single journey tickets or halfway up to The Dam. We saw many people walking alongside with their dogs and kids on bicycles as we were on the train.

Do check out their website to find out more about themed train rides, drive a train or details of holding birthday parties onboard.


Located just walking distance from Rudyard Lake as well as Rudyard Hotel, Rudyard Railway boasts picturesque views of the lake when you are on the train. Rudyard Lake’s peak of popularity was in the late 1800’s when the ease of train access bought as many as 20,000 visitors in one day. Today, the lake boasts a visitor centre, activity centre, shop/café and provides boating facilities. Here are just some of the views we saw during our 45 minute train ride, the lake is approximately 5 and a half miles long.


Here’s a short video of the train which came to the station just before we got on. There are no toilets on the train so remember to get your kids to use the facilities when you are at the station. Is a slow relaxing ride on the train with lots of stop, so allocate an hour for the whole ride, longer if you’d like to stop off and walk around the lake before you take the train back.

A photo of us together on thee train with a photo of the the train running times.  The half hour delays were perfect as we did not have to wait long when we arrived to get on the train. It was quite busy on the day, with full carriages especially with the weather being nice so we sat in one of the open coaches. We have been on the train once before when it rained and the covered coaches did well keeping us dry. The shot below is of King Arthur getting topped up with water to cool it down.


Did you know!
The parents of Rudyard Kipling liked the place so much that they named their son after it and he later became one of Britain’s greatest writers.
How to get to Rudyard Station?
Rudyard Station, Rudyard Road,
Rudyard, Leek, Staffordshire
ST13 8PF
Station Tel: 01538 306704

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