Congleton Youth Orchestra Open Day

Congleton Youth Orchestra (CYO) Open Day took place last weekend on the Saturday. The program started at half nine and went on till noon. There was lots of fun activities organised on the day, the main intention was to get new members to experience and get hands on with the different strings, woodwind and brass instruments. The children / young adults also got a chance to see a few performance by the existing members.

The whole session was very well organised and there was lots of activities and shows to keep everyone entertained during the two and a half hour session. The turn out was fabulous with so many new members being interested about CYO and what they had to offer. We spoke to a few of the instructors who were musicians themselves. They all seemed very enthusiastic and interested to teach the new recruits about music and the wonders of it. If you have missed it, don’t worry, they will organise another open day next year.


Some of the instruments which participants could try out on the day.


Here’s a short background information about the Congleton Youth Orchestra (CYO).

It was first established in 1994, and was started to give young local musicians from Congleton and the surrounding areas an opportunity to learn, play and perform music. They have to date about 100 members. The CYO has a senior full orchestra and two training groups (strings; woodwind & brass), which all perform together at concerts at least 3 times a year.


How old are the participants?

The CYO is open to anyone from the age of 7 to 25 years-old.


Where do they meet?

The orchestra meets during term time each Saturday morning at Trinity Methodist Church, Wagg Street, Congleton CW12 4BA .


Who coaches them?

All groups are coached by experienced, professional instrumental tutors. Many past members go on to become professional musicians themselves through music college or university, while others continue to play music as a social activity and hobby.

Here’s a photo of the current CYO members doing a performance for the visitors

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