Fresh Berries from BerryWorld*

Summer is here at last and to best celebrate it, we are featuring a blog post on all things berries! We were sent a box of amazing, juicy and plump berries from BerryWorld to feature on our website. So read on if you’ve always been wanting good berries and are often disapointed with the qualities which you get from your local shop / supermarket.


The above picture clearly shows you how fresh the fruits look and they tasted really good. If you don’t grow these in your garden and often end up buying berries from the supermarket …you know that they won’t last long. These berries which we were sent to us easily lasted a week in the fridge and they still maintained their shape and did not shrink or discolour.

Did you know:

*That 125g of raspberries contains over 40% of our daily recommended vitamin C and 32% of our daily recommended dietary fibre.

* That strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin K (which contributes to the maintenance of normal bones) and manganese, as well as folic acid, potassium, riboflavin, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, copper, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids.


We enjoyed the berries and tasted them in different ways from eating them fresh out of the box, cooked, blended and baked. The berries tasted great each time and its quality surpassed our expectations.

The kids enjoyed eating them in the morning for breakfast with their cereal. We also made smoothies and milkshakes on hot summery days, our favourite being the strawberry and cream vanilla milkshake. We also made chocolate cupcakes and added on strawberries on the top. The berries did not disapoint us each time, they were plump, juicy, fresh and tasted really yummy.

If you would like some great recipes, visit BerryWorld’s website to see a huge list, these include vegetarian, nut free, low fat and dairy free recipes, click here to access it.

Here’s a tip from BerryWorld on how to buy berries

When buying strawberries, look for shiny, crimson red berries.The colour may vary from season to season, but should be vibrant orangey-red or deep crimson. The calyx, the leaves at the top of the stem, should be green and fresh, with no browning. Strawberries are ready ripened when you buy them.

When buying raspberries, look for deep, red berries. Raspberries may vary in size, some being more conical than others, but they should all be consistent and uniform with no damaged druplets or bleed. Raspberries are ready ripened when you buy them.


The strawberries and raspberries were delivered to us in clear packaging and the fruits were intact.

Finally, we also made Eve’s pudding using the raspberries and they turned out great, the raspberries were tart and tasted perfect with the sweet pears and custard. The raspberries stayed soft after baking but still held their shape.

Where can I buy berries from BerryWorld ?

You can buy the berries directly from some retailers such as Booths Supermarket (Salford, Hale Barns & Knutsford), Spinneys or from online retailers such as Ocado and Amazonfresh.

Why buy berries from BerryWorld?

Unlike other companies who source different berries from around the world, selling one variety one week and a different one the next, BerryWorld invests in varietal breeding programmes around the world to give you consistent availability of the best berries, all year round. Their breeding work is proprietary, meaning that these berries can only be found in BerryWorld packs.

How much do the berries cost?

Prices depends on the weight of the fruit as well as the retailers. Please check online for discounts, accurate pricing.

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