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We were sent a copy of Marion Deuchars‘s hardback book, Colour by her PR agency to review and how wonderfully colourful it was! The award winning illustrator touches on various aspects involving colours and asks herself questions such as what makes a colour work? What do colours mean to artists or cultures? Each of her pages stand out and is different from each other.

Looking through the book, we completely agree with her when she says that art should be an integral part of of schools and education system from nursery to high school as children learn so much more in a creative environment and get to express what they feel using colours. Sometimes as adults we often forget to be childlike and forget to tend to express ourselves only using words or actions.

What We love about her book:

*That her book Colour is not just for kids but for adults as well and a stark reminder on why adults need to set time aside to paint rainbows and play with colours as a mean of expressing themselves.

* Most of the text in the book is in beautiful handwriten text instead of printed text….this somehow makes the book more personal almost like a “colour diary”

* We love how she takes each colour for example red and shows you the various shades to the colour it

*There are little facts, quotes and information added to each page which makes it really fun to read and informative

For example:

Did you know that the Mayans made a purple Dye from the Purpura Shell (Sea Snail) to colour fabrics for religious ceremonies? The Purpura were milked alive so that they could be harvested many times. The milky-coloured liquid was squeezed directly onto the yarn which was then exposed to air and sun which turned it from a yellowish-green to Turquoise and finally purple.


Here are some sample pages from the inside of Colours:


As you can see her work is very abstract yet there is a personal touch to it. I think everyone should have a copy of this book on their book shelves, you don’t need to be an artist to own one. I am sure you, just like me, will be tempted to start painting soon as you put the book down!


Here’s a little bio about Marion Deuchars

Marion Deuchars is a Scottish born, internationally acclaimed, award-winning illustrator. Marion works with major design and advertising agencies, publishes illustrated children’s books and has created a much-loved style of hand-lettering. Whether it’s client work for the likes of The Royal Mail and The Imperial War Museum, or inspiring youngsters with her Let’s Make Great Art books, Marion’s impact on the creative scene continues to be wide-ranging. She is based in her North London studio.


Picture of Marion by Tom Harford Thomson

How much does Colours Cost?

It retails at about £9.99 for the kindle copy and about £20 for a Hardcover copy.

Where can Colours by Marion Deuchars be purchased?

You can buy a copy of it from Amazon here.

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