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We were invited to visit Flip Out Chester to review their Trampolining and Clip n Climb activity as well as to taste the food served at their American Diner, The Kitchen. As parents of a 7 and 4 year old, we were a little hesitant at first especially with the recent cases of accidents which has taken place there. But we knew Flip Out was a fabulous place for the kids and it will be unfair not to head there to experience the facilities for our selves and share it with you.


It was easy to head to Flip Out Chester as we followed the Sat Nav, there was lots of parking in the front, side and back of the building as well. The Trampolining session starts on the hour and we were told to be there half hour before. Soon as we arrived, we registered (each given a chip), signed our waivers, got our special flip out socks and watched the safety video. The kids especially enjoyed watching the video as it was fun and entertaining. While the video was being played, our host exchanged our chips for coloured armbands. After the video ended, our host asked some questions to the kids and reminded them on the dos and don’ts.


As we arrived in the morning it was not that busy, the kids had lots of rooms to run around and had the trampoline just for themselves. It got a lot busier towards the afternoon and especially after lunch. There was lots of rooms around the side for parents to stay close and watch their kids. Parents who would like to also trampoline can do so, to stay closer to their kids. The music and disco lights made the place quite atmospheric, do watch the video below to get a feel of the place.

There was a Flip Out guard on duty watching everyone, and there was lots of staff watching the kids as they trampolined. At one point, my 7-year-old girl did a flip for the first time and she burst out crying when she landed due to the adrenaline and shock. Two staff immediately came to ask her if she was alright. Which we thought was very attentive by the staff.
There was also an indoor play area for little kids next to the slide section which was quite popular with the younger kids. The tower jump has been permanently replaced by the new slide attractions.
Flip Out in Chester also hosts Trampolining and Clip n Climb parties, do head to their website to find out about pricing and packages being offered. Here are some photos of their party rooms.
After our two hour trampolining session, we decided to head to The Kitchen, an American style Diner to get some lunch. There was also a cafe there called The Cage which seemed a lot busier. Food options at The Kitchen included burgers, hot dogs, pizza, vegetarian options, chips, desserts as well as hot and cold drinks.
Here are some photos of us enjoying our lunch, service was fast and food was served quickly which was what the kids wanted as they could not wait to get back down again to continue with their session.  For those wanting to connect on social, The Kitchen offers free Wifi to its patrons.

After lunch we decided to do a 90 minute Clip n Climb session. None of us had ever done climbing before so it was a new experience for us. We were given a safety briefing at the start on what we could and should not do. Our instructor helped us with the safety harness and double checked it to make sure they were properly on. Kids as young as four are able to participate in the climbing activity.


Here are some photos of our 7-year-old confidently climbing to the top of the wall.  Our 4-year-old gave a few of the walls a try but went only half way up, he enjoying ‘getting down’ using the harness as he felt he was flying.


Here’s a video of our 7-year-old climbing to the top of the wall. When she reached the top, she pressed the red button, which she loved doing again and again. Totally boosted her confidence, hence would recommend the Clip n Climb to anyone who has young kids.

I also saw a lot of older men and woman giving climbing a go, some looked like they were there every week while others (like me) looked like they were there for the first time. Climbing is hard work but it is gives your body a good workout. Some parts of your body like your hands / legs might feel a little sore after climbing, but it wont be for long. We had red palms for a few hours hours.


We totally enjoyed our experience at Flip Out Chester! As overprotective parents, we have to admit we did not take our eyes off.  The session allowed the kids to try new tricks and let them have fun too.  Best part? They sleep really well when we got home, as they were totally knackered with all the exercise. Our advice is to go to Flip Out but try to be as safe when you are doing the activities.
Where is Flip Out Chester?
Chester Gates Business Park
Tel: 01244 956777
What are the opening hours for Flip Out in Chester?
Monday to Sunday (Open 7 days a week) from 9am to 10pm
How much does it cost for the Trampoline and the Clip and Climb session?
It costs £10 per hour for the trampoline session
It costs £10 for an hour and a half for the Clip n Climb session
Each participants would need special Flip Out non-slip socks which costs £2
Things you need to know
*You would need to sign a waiver form before entry for every participant.  We would suggest doing it online (if you pre-book) as it will save you a couple of minutes of waiting time.  If you have signed a waiver at a different Flip Out, it won’t count. Each waiver lasts for a year.
*Their Trampoline session starts on the hour, be there half hour before as you would need to watch the safety video.
*You will need to purchase a special non-slip socks which costs £2
*Although there are a lot of staff keeping an eye on your kids, we would suggest for you to stay close to your kids

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