The Ice-Cream Farm Review

We headed to The Ice-Cream Farm at Tattenhall, Chester to spend a day there with the kids. We were lucky to have fabulous weather so we had a chance to play with a lot of outdoor activities. There are ample of parking in the Farm, opposite the Farm as well as the overflow car park area. We would suggest to arrive there early if you would like to park inside. Parking is free. As soon as you get in, stop by at the reception where you can pre-book your activity or get a play pass. We just walked through to Daisy’s Garden as we wanted to see what was being offered.


The kid’s loved Daisy’s Garden and spent most of our morning just playing about there at the Potting Shed, on the swing, climbing area as well as the magical tree area.


The magical tree coughed up foam every half hour which mimicked snow and the children loved this! There was a timer on the tree so they could run off to play and come back to do the count down in time for the next snow storm. Here’s a video of snow experience.


There was also an adventure gold course for the whole family called Strawberry Falls. This looked quite busy when we got there but it was beautifully designed. There were candy canes, giant sandcastle, as well as pink Strawberry Falls. Truly magical.
There are lots of other activities which the kids can participate in from Gemstone Cove (looking for gem stones to take back), JCB digger (top left), Silvercomb go kart race (top right), Jelly Drop (bottom left), Scoop JCB Mini Digger (bottom right). Some needs to be pre-booked as they can get quite busy. They can cost anywhere from £1 to £3.75. These are all outdoors. They also have indoor play area such as the loft and fun factory as well.
Head to the Fudge Farm to visit furry, feathery and four legged friends. Visitors will also get a chance to learn about what its like to look after farm animals and pets, from discovering where they live and what they like to eat, to what they like to get up to in the day time.
There are lots of signages, hand washing station, toilets and facilities for parents and kids to utilise.
More photos of the farm animals at The Ice-Cream Farm.
The Ice-Cream Farm has a no picnic policy, hence there are lots of restaurants and food outlets around selling a selection of hot / cold food, drinks and ice-cream. The kids ordered a hot meal of chicken, chips and beans while us adults ordered baked potatoes, soups and toasted sandwiches.
The Ice-cream Farm has over 50 flavours of ice cream to choose from so you will be spoilt for choices. If you have a nut or gluten allergy, do let the staff know and they will be able to give you a selection of suitable ice-cream.  As you leave the farm, you will also be able to purchase some souvenirs to bring back with you.
As you can see the areas were very clean, well maintained, beautifully designed and clearly a fabulous place to spend a whole day with the family. We were there the whole day and only spent money on food, drinks, ice-cream and some of the play activitiy. Time and money well spent and the kids had a blast! Would totally recommend this place.
Take Note
*The Ice-Cream Farm has a No Picnic Policy
*The Ice-Cream Farm has a No Dog Policy
*It can get quite busy so make sure u keep an eye on your kids. There are also wrist sticker tags you can stick on your kids with your phone number on it (these are sold on site)
*Remember to pre-book your sessions so that you don’t have to que
*Do get yourself a play pass (which is cheaper) if you are planning to do lots of activities.
*The Farm also holds kids birthday parties, do visit their website to find out more about the packages being offered
How much does it cost to go to The Ice-Cream Farm?
Entry into the Ice Cream Farm, the outdoor play area (Daisy’s Garden) and friendly farm animals is Free for all.  There are lots of indoor and outdoor play activities in the farm which cost between £1 and £3.75. Families who would like to participate in a few of the activity can purchase their Play Passes (which can cost anywhere between £15 to £100). Sessions can also be pre-book as the farm can get busy especially if its a sunny day.
Where is The Ice-Cream Farm?
Newton Lane
Tel: 0800 133 7000
When is The Ice-Cream Farm Open?
The Ice Cream Farm is open daily from 9.30am to 5:30pm
(They are only closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day)


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