Back to School with Uniform Additions*


We can’t believe how fast the Summer Holidays have whizzed by, and its now September, which only means that the kids are heading back to school! If you are like us whereby your kid’s hair clips and hair ties don’t match or are lost and you are desperate to get more supplies but don’t have the time. Then read on!

Uniform Additions are suppliers of school hair accessories and they sent us samples of their hair clips, headbands and hair tie samples to review. As a mum of a 7-year old who often loses her hair clips, I am always looking to stock up on these supplies. With time being so precious, buying these online is hassle free and I can get them delivered to me within 1-2 days (express delivery) or 3-4 days (standard delivery).

The best part about supplies from Uniform Additions? Their hair accessories comes in 15 uniform colours.


Below are photos of some of their products, Black Pinwheel Hair Bow with easy clip costing £2.25 on the left (top and bottom). White Large Classic Bow Hair Tie costing £2.50 on top right and lastly a pair of Petite Hair Bows costing £2.50. My daughter loved wearing all these to school. The colour scheme seemed perfect as well.


How are Uniform Addition’s products sold?

The hair accessories can be purchased online via their website and the items will be delivered. The delivery costs from as little as £1.50 (free delivery for orders over £15).

Here are more photos of their hair accessories… Gentle Hair Ties in Black (top) costing £1. Large Green Bow Headband costing £2.50 (bottom left) as well as Green Cheer Hair Bow (bottom right) costing £2.75. I loved using the gentle hair ties as it held the pony tail tight but was not harsh on my daughter’s hair.


Here’s my 7-year old modelling the hair accessories. She was really excited to wear them to school.


Donations / Fund Raising for School

Schools are encouraged to sign up to Uniform Additions’s fund raising program by emailing the Company at The school then will be given a Unique Code for parents to use whilst shopping. The school will then get a donation reflecting 20% the total the parent has spent with them. Hence you not only get to buy things you need but also help your school at the same time.

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