Kerry’s Garden Box / Hortus Box Review *


Autumn is finally here and as newbie gardeners, we are slowly starting to turn our fingers green by learning more and more about seasonal plants. So it was perfect timing that we were contacted by Kerry from Kerry’s Garden for a review of her Autumn Hortus Gift Box.


The box which they sent, came with cute envelopes containing the 4 packs of plant seed, 4 postcards with sowing instructions, 4 lolly sticks for labelling the plant names, 4 soil pellets as well as 4 saucers to plant the seeds. This is like a ready kit with everything to start growing the little herb garden, so even a novice would not struggle. It also mentions how long it takes ie 7 to 21 days..depending on the herb.


What we thought about it?

We think its a fab idea as we loved getting the box, opening it and were surprised at what was inside. We also enjoying planting the seeds, which was relatively easy to do as everything was provided. It was also a fun thing to do with the kids. However, we did ask some of our friends who did not know about gardening and they were slightly clueless on how to plant the seeds. So additional instructions ie ‘place the soil pellets on saucers and soak it in water and sprinkle the seeds on top would have been helpful to them’. Besides that it was really wonderful to get our hands into gardening to start the lovely Autumn season.


The soil pallete expands when water is poured over it…that is simply amazing to witness. Here’s a short video of it.

Gift Box
The best part about the Hortus Box is that it can also be sent as a lovely gift to a loved one. The box will be wrapped up in brown paper and can be shipped worldwide. So the perfect gift for a novice gardener or someone wanting to start spending more time in the garden but does not have a clue on where to start.
How much does a Kerry’s Box / Hortus Box cost?
It starts from £4.99 for the 4 packs of just seeds, the pack of 2 seeds with everything else you need to grow starts from £12.99 a box.
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* We were sent the Hortus Box  / Kerry’s Garden Box for free in return for a review. All opinions are our own.


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