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The clocks just turned back on Sunday which only means that the weather is slowly turning colder and we are heading for winter. So we are totally chuffed that we have received three boxes of tea from Clipper Tea for us to review. Sipping these tea in bone china tea cups just makes it that tad more posh and sophisticated but don’t worry, they equally taste good in a normal mug as well. The team at Yeah Lifestyle love drinking trendy and foreign teas, so we loved trying out these infused and green teas. Do read on to find our more.

The first and our top recommendation just has to be most Happy Mondays, an infusion of lemon, ginger and cracked black pepper. This we find is so soothing to the throat especially since we have had sore throat and a cold and this is what we needed especially at the office or on the go when we don’t have the time or inclination to make the traditional ginger, honey, sage and lemon tea. The tea tasted strong yet not overpowering and delightful.

Our second favourite is the Organic Green Tea & Mango which gets a 10/10 just for its smell factor. We spent 10 minutes…we kid you not, just sniffing the aroma from the fruity tea as it is so aromatic. The tea bags are packaged in unbleached chemical free tea bags which just makes drinking the tea even tastier.

The final tea is called Calmer Chameleon, it is an infusion of chamomile, honeybush and cinnamon. The tea tasted great and smelled really fruity as well. We did find the tea very relaxing especially while after a hectic day of running around. Each of the tea boxes comes with instruction on how to make the tea, here it is:

How to make the perfect infusion tea?

Always use fresh water

Pour it all over the tea bag while it is still boilingAnd allow to rest 3-5 minutesThe rest is up to you…which they actually mean time to drink it..

Why buy Clipper Teas?

Firstly they take great pride in producing great tea, they also make sure that their products are ethically and organically source no matter where they come comes from. The people at Clipper even pay attention to their packaging, making sure they use non-chemical products and they also support Fairtrade. We personally love the fact that they use unbleached tea bag.


From Left Calmer Chameleon, Happy Mondays & Organic Green Tea & Green Mango

What’s the difference between Green Tea and Infusions…are they both not the same?

Clipper green tea is characteristically light and clear. With green tea, it is all about the quality of the leaves and the expertise in the production process, which gives them the distinct profile. Clipper use trusted estates to buy their green tea and often use southern Indian leaves as this delivers the delicately subtle taste. While the name ‘infusion’ refers to the process of infusing plants or fruits in hot water, but an infusion is not derived from the traditional tea plant. Their fresh and varied range of infusions are all organic and most are caffeine free (we label those that aren’t). With a fruity flavour to suit every palette, they’re a delicious plant-powered way to boost a healthy lifestyle.

How much do the tea cost and how can I purchase them?

These teas can be purchased online at the Clipper website.

The Organic Green Tea & Mango comes in a box of 20 unbleached bags of 40g, these cost £1.99. You can buy them here.

The Happy Monday Organic Infusion of Lemon Ginger and Black Pepper of 20 enveloped bags of 35g, these cost £2.39. You can buy them here.

The Calmer Chameleon Chamomile, Honeybush & Cinnamon Organic Infusion tea comes in a box of 20 enveloped bags of 35g, these cost £2.39. You can buy them here.

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