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What a great way to get into the Christmas spirit by reading Tales to Take You Through Christmas. A book or in other words, a readable Advent Calendar by Sarah Tipper.  With over 20 plus interesting and heart warming short stories about Christmas to warm your spirit, we have enjoyed reading everyone of it. There are about twenty four short stories in the 250+ pages of the book, great for reading while you are on the bus / train or after a hectic day at home as you unwind.

The short stories are snapshots into other people’s lives aim to enliven and entertain. A handful of the stories are set in the recent past, because Christmas is a great time for nostalgia. There are stories about anticipation, hope and that tingling feeling you get when waiting for something pleasant to happen. There is a cast of characters of all ages and not all of them are human. There are themes of time and counting, dark and light, change and renewal. The book is two dozen slices of Christmas, waiting to bring cheer at the dark time of the year.


Tales-To-Take-You-To-Christmas-by-Sarah-Tipper-Yeah-Lifestyle Review


We enjoyed reading and reviewing the book very much and out of all the chapters the two of our favourite stories are Fat-Her Christmas and Keep It All The Year.  We understand now, how the book has alread has been sold / read by over 500 people. This can also be a great Christmas present to gift someone who loves reading, no matter the age.  Here are two sneak peak pages from two of Sarah’s short stories, the first Secret Santa and the next You’ve Got to Have Christmas Dinner for Christmas Dinner.  Hope you enjoy reading these.Tales-To-Take-You-To-Christmas-by-Sarah-Tipper-Yeah-Secret-Santa Tales-To-Take-You-To-Christmas-by-Sarah-Tipper-Yeah-Christmas-Dinner

About Sarah Tipper

Sarah loves writing. Her special skill is always having a pen. She’s been writing fiction and letting other people see it since 2012. She lives in Oxford where writing books is just something people do, like popping to the shops for milk or putting the bins out. She has spent most of her career in cancer research and finds this a great reason to get out of bed in the morning. She is currently working on three books; a second book of Christmas stories, The Y2K Diary Of Cleo Howard and the sixth and final book in the Eviscerated Panda saga. She is grateful to anyone who takes the time to read her words.  She has to date published three diary books about Cleo Howard (1997, 1998 and 1999) as well as five books about Eviscerated Panda, a heavy metal band and mainly writes commercial fiction.

ISBN No: 978-178456-250-2

You can purchase your copy of the book on Amazon here.  The cover price for the book is going for £8.99 while the Kindle price is £1.99.   Alternatively the book can also be found at The Great British Bookshop here.

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