Bring The Whole Family Together This Christmas **


At this time of year, family is the most important thing. We all want to get together and create those all important memories and good times. But persuading everyone to join in- especially reluctant tweens and teens- can be an uphill struggle. The answer? Plan some engaging activities that they’ll struggle to say no to! From the most interesting days out to fun things to do at home, here’s how to make bring the whole family together this Christmas:

Create a Christmas Newsletter

Who haven’t you been in touch with lately? A lovely family project is to design and produce a newsletter together, updating the wider family on your year. Kids can get involved in picking photographs and helping to design using a simple newsletter template.

Camp Out In The Garden

It’s something so simple, but a whole lot of fun. Why not go camping – in your back garden? Pitch a tent and fill it with blankets and cushions, then plan a meal you can cook together outside. Warm up with a hot chocolate, tell Christmas stories by torchlight and spend some proper time away from the electronics. This is a great way to bring everyone together and have an adventure – without leaving your own environment.

Plan a Family Date

If you want a day out there are plenty of Fun Family Activities on offer all year round – from zip-lining through the trees and pony trekking to indoors fun like trampolining parks or go-karting. Pick a day you’ll all spend together and take a family vote on the most popular activity. Even going to watch a film in the cinema rather than slouching at home in front of Netflix will make a great day out.

Bake A Treat

Baking together is so easy to organise and is really great at this time of year. Pick a simple recipe that allows all ages to get involved, like a recipe for gingerbread men. From decorating with sprinkles to mixing, even little kids can get involved. Make them as presents for the neighbours or use ribbon to turn them into edible tree decorations.

Volunteer Together

There are few more bonding experiences than giving something back to your local community, so why not find volunteering opportunities that you can do as a family? Helping out at a soup kitchen or visiting an old people’s home can be incredibly rewarding and gives a great lesson in life to children. Even just boxing up donations to take to the local charity shop can get them thinking about how to help others – plus it clears the decks for the influx of new Christmas toys.

Make a Family Photo Album

Usually these days, our photos stay digital. But creating a family Christmas photo album can be really rewarding – you’re far more likely to revisit your pictures if they’re printed out. Enlist the kids to find and decorate a scrapbook with Christmassy fabric, decorations and glitter, then print out the best family festive snaps from the year and arrange them together. This simple activity can bring everyone closer and also make a lovely keepsake that can come out and be added to every Christmas for years to come.


** Note: This is a collaborative post, image and text has been provided to us for a small fee.

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