Holiday Planning: Look After Your Elderly Relatives’ Needs **


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Whether you are planning a Christmas dinner at your house, or would like to go out for a meal, maybe plan a program as a family, you need to consider the needs of all family members. If you have older people visiting, they are not likely to keep up with the speed, and might need help with eating and moving around. To show that you really care, put things in place to make their Christmas as enjoyable as possible.

Arrange Special Transport

If your older family members are visiting you this Christmas, you will need to make sure that they will get to your home safe. Don’t let them take the bus or train, but pick them up or arrange another family member to give them a lift. If they use a walking frame or wheelchair, make sure you provide a safe place in your house where they can keep it. Try to get some mobility aids put in place to make moving around easier for them.

Get Special Tableware

If your older relative suffers from arthritis, they will possibly find it difficult to use general tableware. You can get easy grip cutlery and even entire sets for your disabled or old relatives at, so they can enjoy the turkey without having to get people to feed them. You want to help them stay independent and preserve their dignity in front of other family members.

Put a Family Member in Charge

If you are going out to the Christmas market or a show together, you should put a younger family member in charge of the disabled or elderly person. This way, you can make sure that all their needs are met, they can get help going to the toilet, and their medication is administered. You don’t want them to stay home just because they have special needs; make them feel looked after and included in all activities.


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Be Patient

Your family member might find the regular Christmas menu hard to eat. You might want to help them out and replace their Yorkshire puddings with mash. You should never rush your elderly relatives to finish their food, and offer help discreetly. This way, you don’t embarrass them in front of others, and they know that you are happy to help.

Provide a Safe Place for a Nap

If you have a day planned full of activities at your house, you can expect your ill or disabled relatives to get tired after a while. Instead of tiring them out, prepare a separate room with a bed and a TV, where they can take a nap and recharge their batteries. Make sure that there is somebody checking on them, but give them space.

Planning a Christmas day or night at your house can be challenging. Make sure that you consider the needs of all elderly and disabled family members, and you help them take part in all activities. Encourage independence, but offer support, so they feel welcome by all family members.


** Note: This is a collaborative post, image and text has been provided to us for a small fee.

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