4 Essential Items For Your New Bundle of Joy **

The euphoria of holding your own little human being for the first time can slowly be replaced by panic and dread. You’ve longed for a little bundle of joy for so long, but now reality has hit. You’re responsible for an actual life; another living creature and someone that you will love unconditionally forever. It can be hard in the flood of post-birth emotions to gain any sort of perspective, and you may have to leave the practicalities of returning home from the hospital to your partner. Once in familiar surroundings, you can get to know your newborn and fall into some sort of routine as a new family. Becoming comfortable within your four walls relies heavily on the items you have, ready for your little cherub’s arrival. Take a look at these four essential items for your little human being.


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Sleeping Quarters

Your baby needs somewhere quiet and peaceful to sleep, and they’ll be doing this for the majority of the time when you first bring your little one home. The vast array of cheap Moses baskets available means that your little one can grab a bit of shut-eye anywhere in the home. Easy to carry around or put on a stand, you can ensure that you’re with your baby at all times as they snooze. As they get a tad older, you can then think about moving them to a cot. Buy the best cot your budget will allow and ensure that you build it with no wobbles and make sure that you use a breathable mattress specially made for newborns.


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Baby Grows

Although you may think you have enough clothes for your little one, you can never underestimate just how many items of clothing your baby will go through in any twenty-four hour period. You baby will have to contend with milk spills, drool, accidents and sick. You may find yourself changing your little one three or four times a day. This is ok and entirely normal. There’s no doubt you will see a correlation between having a new baby and the amount of laundry detergent you end up getting through each week. You may feel like your washing machine is permanently on. It will be, but don’t worry, this will calm down once the initial newborn phase is complete.


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Breast Pump

As much for you as your newborn, you need to ensure that you are expressing enough milk for your baby. A breast pump can stimulate milk production, help relieve the pain of excess milk production and ensure that your little one is gaining the nutrients from your milk even if he or she cannot latch on naturally. A breast pump can be used to express the milk to be kept for bottled feeds later on.


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Never again will your home be a wet wipes free dwelling. From now on, wet wipes will take over your life. Not a moment will go by when you aren’t reaching for a wet wipe, searching for a wet wipe or dreaming about a wet wipe. Seriously though, they are a Godsend to mop up spills, aid sticky fingers, wipe mouths and sort out nappy changes. They are specially made for your little one’s soft skin so you won’t have to worry about harsh chemicals or allergies too much.

Bringing your newborn home for the first time is exciting, scary and joyous. Grab yourself these items and enjoy every moment with your new little one.


** Note: This is a collaborative post, image and text has been provided to us for a small fee.

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