Five Things You Didn’t Know about Sleep Deprivation **

Millennials and the members of the Generation Y don’t seem to pay a lot of attention to their work life balance. If you work for yourself, chances are you spend more than eight hours managing your business, and you have little time to sleep. We all deal differently with sleep deprivation, but tiredness eventually catches up with everyone, and takes its toll on our health. Find out more about the long term irreversible impact of lack of sleep on your body.


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1. You Put On Weight

By skipping sleep, you tell your body that you need more energy, as you are not resting. This means it will try to pile up (or store) some fat as a reserve. As a result, you will struggle to lose weight. Your digestive system will not be working properly when it is not able to have a rest. Weight gain can be caused by the lack of relaxation or sleep, as your metabolism will be out of sync. If you want to stay slim, make sure you find time for having a good night sleep.

2. It Causes and Increases Inflammation

By not sleeping enough, you are not giving your body a chance to heal itself. Essential hormones, such as the human growth hormone are usually released when you sleep. Hormones are responsible for restoring your muscles and healing tissue injuries. If don’t give your hormones a chance, you are risking serious complications of sport injuries, and will experience more severe colds and flu symptoms than other people who get their rest at night.

3. It Reduces the Strength of Your Immune System

If you suffer from sleep deprivation, you inevitably weaken your immune system. While you might think that needing sleep to stay healthy is an old wives’ tale, it is scientifically proven. The level of T cells, responsible to protect us from cold and other bacteria is reduced due to sleep deprivation, and the number of cytokines, responsible for inflammation goes up.

4. It Causes the Aging of Skin


Image by Pixabay

If you don’t give your body time to regenerate, it will not replace dead cells. This means that no new skin cells will be produced. If you keep on flexing your face muscles, they are never relaxed, and this means that you will start showing the signs of aging much earlier than people who look after their body and get enough sleep. Make sure that you find a bed that makes you want to go to sleep, such as Hypnos Beds, giving you enough support and comfort.

5. It Reduces the Strength of Your Bones and Muscles

If you want to maintain your strength and fitness level, you should get at least eight hours sleep a day. You will not only feel weak after sleeping only a few hours, but actually lose strength. You might also suffer from more joint and muscle pains, as your cells are not regenerating fast enough.

Getting enough sleep is important for staying alert, healthy, making the right decisions, and looking younger for longer. Make sure you consider the long term impacts of no sleep before you throw in another all-nighter.


** Note: This is a collaborative post, images and text have been provided to us.

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