Mastering The Nuances Of Organised Travel **

Travelling across the globe can be one of the most life-affirming experiences you ever have the pleasure of undertaking. While most of us embark on our jaunt full of excitement as a twenty-something with little more than a rucksack on our back, a list detailing the cheapest hostels and little idea of the new cultural mecca we will soon be descending upon, some of us manage to approach travelling with a different mindset. Some human beings among us are super organised when it comes to travel. They have every single flight booked, every hotel room reserved, every single meal pre-ordered, and the basics of the native language mastered. While you may not want to be quite so anal so that there’s zero chance of any spontaneity in your holiday, there are some lessons to be learned from these organisational super soldiers.


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Planning Phase

All of the organisation occurs before you even set foot on a plane. You need to research the countries you are travelling to and ensure that your documentation and paperwork is all in order. Apply for your visa at the earliest opportunity, sort out your passport if it’s nearing expiration and book your flight. Getting the nitty gritty out of the way early on can save a lot of stress when you near your leaving date.


This is often overlooked as many backpacking hedonists are under the illusion that they are somehow invincible. It only takes one skiing accident or trip when traversing the terrain of the Amazonian jungle to get yourself quite a nasty injury when abroad. You don’t want to be forking out thousands for Air Evac to rescue you when your medical and travel insurance could have covered it.


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Depending on where you are going to in the world, you may need to bite the bullet, overcome your fear of needles and get yourself some jabs. Yellow fever and hepatitis need to be vaccinated against otherwise you could fall seriously ill. If you’re venturing to an area where the dreaded mosquito is rife, you might need to consider a course of antimalarial drugs. There’s nothing worse than being bitten by these little critters, but it can be even more catastrophic if they infect you with a disease. Whack on the Deet and sleep under a mosquito net. The drugs to prevent you getting malaria can make you feel a bit groggy but it soon wears off, and you can go about your backpacking adventures without cause for concern.


Before you board that plane, make sure you have all the kit you need to make your trip worthwhile. If you love recording your memories for posterity, ensure you have a decent travel camera, your smartphone and maybe a gorilla pod. If writing is more your thing, make sure your journal is safely packed along with a spare pen or two. If you’re much more of a free spirit and new-fangled technology isn’t your thing, make sure you have a smartphone and powerpack at the very least just in case of emergencies.


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Travelling is a fantastic experience – you have the opportunity to get out there, see the world, immerse yourself in new cultures and open your eyes to different viewpoints and perspectives. Just remember to be organised, and your trip should go without a hitch.


** Note: This is a collaborative post, images and text have been provided to us.

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