Your Parents Need You More Than You Know **

When you reach a certain age, you’ll probably be focusing on your own personal enjoyment. You might, like we have spoken about before, catch the travel bug and decide to journey across the world exploring new regions and locations. You could work as a freelancer, paying your way for a trip around the world. But, you should for a moment consider who you’re leaving at home. When you become an adult, you might think that your parents are no longer responsible for you and you are no longer responsible for your parents. But is that true? Perhaps not…

In fact, one day you could have power of attorney for you parent, and at this point, their quality of life will be completely dependant on your actions. So, while you might be jetting around the world, when you do drop by and stop in to see your elderly parents, it’s important to know the warning signs that you should watch out for and the actions that you may have to help them take.


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Don’t Delay Downsizing

It is worth considering whether it is time to help your parents move to a smaller home and ideally a bungalow. Don’t forget, this is also the opportunity to move them to a new neighbourhood where they can live with people their age and are at the same point in their own lives as they are. It also helps reduce health risks, particularly if you help your parents move to a bungalow because it lowers the chances of slips, trips or falls. Don’t forget that at this stage in life, if an accident does happen then it could lead to a permanent stay in the hospital.

Since moving house is a stressful and physically strenuous activity, you’re definitely going to need to help your parents with this endeavour.


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Unable To Live Independently

You may find that your parent has reached a point where they can not live safely by themselves. If that’s the case, then there are a few options that you can consider including the possibility of looking after them yourself. However, the best and brightest possibility for everyone is going to be a top-class care home. Homes like this provide elderly parents with a safe, friendly and easy place to spend their twilight years where they can get the care that they need to stay healthy.


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Signs Of Mental Issues

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are terrible conditions tied into growing older. They are not at all pleasant, and at a certain age, they do become terrifyingly common. You need to watch out for the signs that your parents are developing issues like this. It’s often said that people in the early stages of the disease start to live more in the past. They may even have moments where they don’t seem to be there mentality that can last a few minutes or seconds. A hazy look is the clear sign of an issue like this or someone who is not keeping track of the conversation. Now, they may just not be paying attention but if you are speaking about something that they should be interested in this is a cause for concern.

We hope this advice helps you see that as you grow older your parents need you more and more to the point where they become dependent on you for assistance.


** Note: This is a collaborative post, images and text have been provided to us.

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