How to Cope When Your Flight is Cancelled, Overbooked, or Delayed **



Let’s face it, flight delays and cancellations are never a good experience. Even if you’re the most calm and collected person in the world, you could find yourself losing your cool when you’re told that your plane isn’t going to take off until another five or six hours beyond what you originally expected. Unfortunately, no matter how carefully you plan, there’s always a chance that you could end up being the next person to deal with an unexpectedly overbooked or canceled flight. In fact, almost everyone who travels by plane more than once will encounter at least one occasion when their plane is delayed or canceled for reasons beyond their control. Statistics even suggest that around one in every ten European travelers faces cancellations, delays, or no-show flights at one point in their life.


Investigating your Options with Flight Delays and Cancellations

The first thing you should know is that no matter how powerless you might feel when your airline tells you your flight has been canceled or postponed, you do have rights as a passenger. After all,
you’re a customer that paid for a product, and it’s up to the company that you connected with to give you the experience you expect.

If you’re faced with a cancellation or delay, you should begin by investigating your options a little further. There are some instances wherein you might not be eligible for compensation. For instance, of political acts and weather conditions prevent your airline from taking to the skies, then there’s not a lot they can do about it. While you might be eligible for some freebies to make your experience as comfortable as possible, you won’t be able to receive compensation for something your chosen brand couldn’t control. Remember, keep your cool when speaking to a service representative, losing your temper could mean that you miss out on some opportunities for quick upgrades and compensation.


Avoid the Airports with the Worst Delay History

There are plenty of things that might help you to decide which airline carrier you want to fly with on your next vacation or business trip. One of the most common reasons a customer will choose a particular airline is because it offers the cheapest prices. However, it’s also worth doing some research into which airlines are the most likely to experience delays. Before you book your next vacation, go to Google and search for information about delays and cancellations in your area. You might be able to get an insight into which companies, and which airlines are the best at dealing with delays, and which you want to avoid if you’re in a hurry to get your destination.


Get Informed About your Connecting Flight

Although delayed and canceled flights can be a nightmare for any avid adventurer, they’re particularly problematic for those who are expecting to board a connecting flight. If you purchased a single ticket, then your airline should be able to get you on the next flight available that will take you all the way to your chosen destination. However, in the case that you made two different bookings, then you’ll need to make sure that you know how to get to the location in question. Some airlines will not compensate you for a missed connecting flight, even if the original delay was
their fault. It makes sense to do your research and speak with a customer service agent to get advice on what you should do next if you risk missing your connection. In a worst-case scenario, you might need to start looking for alternative transport options.


Have Some Fun!

If you’ve already spoken to your airline and done everything you can to push yourself along the line to the next available flight, then you might as well use the extra time you have to your advantage. While delays and cancellations suck, you might as well find a way to enjoy yourself. It’s tempting to spend all day sulking about the fact that you didn’t get to arrive in your destination on time, but this could simply mean that you end up missing out on an entire day of your vacation, instead of just a few hours. When there’s nothing left to do but wait, spend some time exploring the airport and finding ways to entertain yourself. If you’re eligible for a free meal at the expense of your airline, or you can get a stay in a fancy hotel, make the most of it, and tell yourself that at least you have an interesting story to tell your friends when you get back home.


** Note: This is a collaborative post, text has been provided to us.

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