Get Your Half Term Ideas In Now **

January’s here, and that means soon the kids will be back to school, and you’ll be working hard to get back into normality. Yet, with the passage of time so quick to change, another holiday will be here soon! But thankfully, you’ve got plenty of time to prepare for all the fun family activities you want to do now, and make some good memories to start off this New Year. For example, maybe it’s time to cross something off the bucket list, and that means we’re going to have to make some serious considerations.



Take a Trip Away

We always need to keep the kids in mind when it comes to planning a day trip or a weekend away, as they can get easily bored and being near a park is essential. Having to plan that out as well as making it enjoyable for you doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go abroad; simply to another town in another part of the country, and soak up the sun, rain, wind and clouds that are slightly different to yours! It’s always exciting to head somewhere new.  

If you’re a northerner, maybe it’s time to take a few days away in the south, where it’s warmer and there’s more access to the beach! Or maybe you want to spend some time enriching your historical knowledge! With that in mind, you can get some up to date Bath information, as this is one of the best places for having tea in a gallery and visiting the settings of some of the most famous books in English literature.


Visit Some Landmarks

These are always kid friendly places, and every town or city in England has a couple to their name. You’re going to be in with a lot of luck with places owned by English Heritage or National Trust, as they always have kids activities going on during the holidays.

Landmarks can honestly range from anything, and you get to decide which of them are worth the time and money. The old classics are a great money dip: castles and old stately homes have a sense of magic around them, and that makes them a great place for children to run wild with their energy and imagination. Even a few of the adults can get involved, especially when it comes to dressing up!


Eat Out in Style!

One of the best parts about being on holiday is the amount of restaurants you have the time to go to. Often enough kids under a certain age can eat for free, or maybe for a pound or two, as long as you’re into eating a good square adult meal alongside them!

Generally, it’s a good sign if someone offers children’s deals. A lot of the time we’re on the lookout for truly kid friendly restaurants, with bottle warmers and colouring books and friendly servers throughout.

Remember, if you book early, you’re guaranteed to get some kind of reward! Take the chance now for the best results.


** Note: This is a collaborative post, image and text has been provided to us for a small fee.

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