Swapping Chaos for Calm in Your Kids’ Bedrooms **


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As soon as you have kids, the peace and tranquillity in your home go out of the window. The pitter-patter of little feet will often be the sound of your children moving bits and bobs around rooms, scattering toys, and leaving a mess in their wake. The best way to prevent your home from becoming a chaotic landscape is to confine your children’s activities and belongings to their own space. So, from early on, ensure that they know the boundaries to keep their bits, bobs, and play within. This automatically isolates the mess at hand. However, how do you keep the mayhem to a minimum within your children’s rooms? You may browse Pinterest boards in awe of pastel coloured rooms without a spot of spilt paint, stray Lego bricks, or open kids books in sight. But in real life, these aren’t realistic goals. Instead, aim to keep things fun but safe and clean. Here are a few ways to keep things as neat and organised as possible.


Saving Space

Many children share rooms but no matter how large a space may be, having more than one bed in it will make things look crowded and cluttered. Many people opt to fit a dividing wall into the centre of the room. But many kids like being close to one another and playing in the same room, so you’ll simply have the same things spread between two smaller spots. Instead, why not consider bunk beds or triple bunk beds. These are arranged to take up more vertical space, significantly freeing up space for fun and play.


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First things first, you need to consider storage options. For such little people, children tend to amass a whole lot of belongings. You’re likely to find that the bulk of items in your kid’s room are toys. They end up sprawled across the room and though they may be fun, they can also pose a serious safety hazard should someone step or trip on them. What’s more? They look a mess. So how should you deal with them? The problem with this is that you can’t store them up and out of the way for extended periods of time. Your little ones are going to want to have ready access to them whenever they wish. The best options for storing toys effectively without keeping them out of your kids’ reach are traditional ones: toy chests and toy boxes. Standard crates will also do the job and can be altered and customised with a quick coat of paint. For books, consider children’s bookshelves. These are designed with those of a shorter stature in mind. This means lower shelves, allowing your kids to help themselves.

These are just two steps that you can take to swap chaos for calm in your children’s bedrooms. Whether space is for one kid or shared, bear in mind that the key to tranquillity is to open up space and offer plenty of storage for belongings to be stored away in. It really is as simple as that!


** Note: This is a collaborative post, image and text has been provided to us for a small fee.

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