Free Your Spirit with Feel-Good Exercise **

You tend to exercise when you’re feeling down about yourself. You get into a vicious cycle of feeling sluggish and out of control with your eating habits. For you, exercise is a way to punish yourself when you have overindulged or it’s a way to force yourself to fit into that tiny dress you bought five years ago. The negative connotations surrounding exercise need to stop. You need to realise your self-worth and allow yourself to enjoy staying healthy. It is far too easy to make excuses and fall into a pattern of destructive behaviour, but you’re worth way more than that. Take a few moments and be mindful of your mental health.


Feel Fabulous

There are so many things that exercise can do for you other than help you to lose weight. The first one is the feel-good factor. We have all been to a kick-ass gym class and sweated our butt off. Yes, our aching muscles the next day weren’t so fun, but how good did you feel after you’d completed the class to the best of your ability? Endorphins race through our body as a result of exercise and they can genuinely make us feel happy. Instead of rushing to your next spin cycle class with the goal to slimming down your legs, think of the ways in which it makes you happy instead.


Happier At Home

If you’ve been attending gym classes and have come to terms with the fact that you don’t actually enjoy them. That is absolutely okay. Places like The Fitness Shop has an abundance of amazing equipment that you can use from the comfort of your own home. If you’re not a gym bunny, don’t punish yourself for that. Figure out your favourite piece of equipment and get excited about using it. Who wouldn’t want to do their sit ups whilst watching their favourite soap opera anyway?


Regular Relaxation

Yoga and Pilates is a form of exercise which has numerous health benefits. By practising yoga on a regular basis you will have improved your posture, stamina, flexibility and mental attitude. You will feel positive side effects, such as feeling calmer, less stressful thoughts and you’ll possess a new overall glow that with have your friends wondering what on earth your secret is.


Image by: Burst

Fit Can Be Fun

Exercising with a purpose is one of the most satisfying and rewarding feelings you can get. Instead of mindlessly running on the treadmill in the gym. Get yourself to a local dance class and learn that new routine. Working towards something positive will boost your self esteem and you’ll make some friends along the way. Another amazing way to exercise positively, is to join a sports team. There are tonnes of tennis, hockey and volleyball groups that would be dying to have you as a member. You can improve your fitness and get social at the same time.

It’s really time to start thinking about self care. Put yourself first and do what you enjoy doing. Don’t punish yourself for eating that slice of cake. Go and take a class with your best buddy because you enjoy it and enjoy the cake to! Balance is key, so live your live positively and mindfully and your spirit will feel free.


** Note: This is a collaborative post, image and text has been provided to us for a small fee.

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