Time To Smooth Out The Skin Situation **

According to the legend, the Fountain of Youth restores the youth of those who drink or bathe in its water. The main problem with the fountain is that nobody knows where it is or even if it exists. In fact, you can find mentions of such a fountain in the tales of indigenous peoples, historians, crusaders, and even religious men from all over the world. There’s even an archeological park in Florida that was first created as an attraction for tourists. It’s easy to see that eternal youth has been on the human mind for millennia! But even without a fountain, you can maintain a smooth face for longer if you know these few tricks:

Stress affects your look

Modern life has become incredibly stressful. Between the daily commute, the hectic work environment and the additional health and finance worries, it’s no wonder that most people feel tensions at the end of the day. Stress might be invisible, but it affects your health, creating back pains, sleep troubles and even depression. Additionally, it accelerates cell aging, as your body lacks necessary refreshing rest. If you don’t want stress to make you appear old, you need to learn to unplug and meditate. Yes, work is important, but you don’t need to check your emails in the evening. Just disconnect your phone and rest.

What’s missing from your beauty routine?

Most beauty routines revolve around cleansing and hydrating the skin. However, it is essential to consider additional steps if you haven’t already. For instance, using a skin toner is an important step after cleansing as it revitalises your skin and helps to firm it up. Additionally, using cleansing masks once or twice a week can help you get rid of dead cells and smooth out your appearance. Finally, remember to use different products for day and night moisturising, as the rich night cream nourishes cells in depth.


What’s your youthful  beauty routine?

Train yourself youthful

You can slow wrinkles down and keep your skin younger with exercise. In fact, a research lab in Ontario has revealed that you may even reverse the aging process. Researchers have set a group of volunteers over 65 to exercise regularly throughout the week and noticed a visible improvement in their skin inner and outer layers within three months. The reason? The myokines in your muscles can enter the bloodstream and jump-start transformations in your skin when you work out.

Time-To-Smooth-Out-The-Skin-Situation-sleepSleep yourself young

Sleep tight and stay beautiful

Late nights show on your face, from pale complexion to dark rings under the eyes. But what you may not know is that late nights affect your youthful look too. Dark circles and bags under the eyes are the results of blood vessels dilating and the skin sagging or swelling. Gradually; these biological transformations affect the natural process of collagen production, which is linked to the skin elasticity. In short, lack of sleep gives you wrinkles. So make sure you get your rest at night! How many hours is irrelevant, if you feel alert and rested, then you’ve slept enough. If you don’t, you’ll get wrinkles!

So is it time to dig your own fountain of youth by altering your lifestyle? The advantage is that it’s non-invasive; besides it can prevent additional aging issues. So you’ve got a lot to gain by achieving a youthful look!


** Note: This is a collaborative post, image and text has been provided to us for a small fee.

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