Five Essential Investments for Your Health **

We all make plans in the new year to get healthier and improve our diet, move more, and pay attention to our body. Unfortunately, by the end of January most New Year’s resolutions are broken. Instead of having huge and unachievable goals, you should make some long term changes to your lifestyle that will result in a better overall health outlook. Below you will find five things you need to get started.

1. A MBI Scale

We all seem to focus on the appearances, instead of how our bodies are functioning. If you want to stay healthy, you should be more concerned about your metabolism, body mass index, overall amount of fat and muscle than how many inches your waist is. Therefore, you need to invest in a MBI scale that gives you a health snapshot every time you use it. Advanced scales will provide you with essential information on how you can improve your health long term.


Image by Pixabay

2. Steamer

We all like ordering steamed vegetables in the restaurant, knowing that they are healthier than cooked ones, but still end up boiling potatoes and peas on the hob, getting rid of most nutrients during the process. You can get a steamer for less than you would think, and use it for almost any vegetable. Make your Sunday roasts healthier and retain the vitamin and mineral content of your food, instantly improving your diet. Eat more vegetables and increase your metabolism naturally. 

3. Slow Cooker

While some people think that these devices are from the past, they are having a comeback, and can create healthy meals without any effort. You can roast your joints without adding oil or fat, or even make a juicy stew in them. Slow cookers are perfect for people who want to taste the flavours and try new things. A slow cooker will make it easier for you to eat in all week, instead of relying on takeaway food.


4. Health Plan

You will need to make sure you have adequate health insurance and access to professionals within a reasonable timescale, in case you need them. Getting a private health plan can encourage you to attend checkups, and seek nutrition and exercise advice from experienced professionals. You will be able to secure a discount if you can show that you live a healthy life and have a balanced diet.



Image by Pixabay

5. Water Filter

Unfortunately, we consume more toxins than ever, due to the pollution levels in our cities and in the countryside. You can make your drinking water clearer and better tasting if you get a water filter. You have two options: get a water filter tap that will get you clean water straight from the tap, or a jug that uses minerals to eliminate toxins and residues. Invest in a water filter, and start drinking more, staying hydrated throughout the day.

Whether you would like to eliminate toxins from your life, or cut down on takeaway food, you can make some clever investments that will improve your health long term and help you start a balanced diet whatever your circumstances are.


** Note: This is a collaborative post, image and text has been provided to us for a small fee.

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