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London is one of the world’s favourite tourist cities, but it can also be hugely overwhelming if you have never been here before. You need to take the time to plan out your journey so you can make the most of how ever long you have to spend in this great destination. To give you a helping hand, here are a few quick London travel tips to put into practice before you set off.


Check the Weather

As with anywhere in the UK, the weather can be very changeable, so make sure you are ready to check the forecast before you depart. You don’t want to be stuck in the pouring rain having not packed an umbrella! Also, if the weather isn’t kind to you, why not plan some indoor activities like some of the famous museums or an Escape the Room Game? This way, you can still enjoy your time while you are here.


Book Accommodation in Advance

London is not the kind of city where you should just turn up and hope that you can find accommodation. Booking well in advance is the best way to avoid disappointment and get the best deal available to you. If the usual accommodation sites don’t provide anything affordable, try a site like Airbnb.


Plan Attraction Visits Ahead of Time

Similar to the previous point, if you just turn up in London expecting to get the best deal, you are going to be disappointed. You are better off deciding which attractions you would like to visit and searching for any discount codes or special offers that are available. London is expensive so you need to do everything you can to make it more affordable.


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Enjoy the Green Space

As well as the busy shopping and business areas, London is also blessed with an ample amount of green space. So, if the weather is good to you, why not take a stroll around Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens or one of the other popular options? One of the best views over the city is found on Primrose Hill near Regent’s Park – the perfect place to enjoy late afternoons in London.


Take Advantage of Happy Hour

Before you get put off completely having a drink in London because of the prices, there are plenty of places which offer student nights and happy hours so you can avoid breaking the bank.


Go on a Free Walking Tour

Even though London is simply huge, walking is one of the best ways to really get to know a city. And if you go on one of the free walking tours offered by various companies, you have an experienced guide who can tell you more about what you are seeing. Themes include everything from Harry Potter to Jack the Ripper so there is something to interest everyone!

London is a fantastic city, but the best way that you can enjoy it to its fullest is by pre-planning your trip. Use some of the points in this article and enjoy!


** Note: This is a collaborative post, image and text has been provided to us for a small fee.

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