When Your Babies Aren’t Babies Anymore **

Some will say your babies always remain your babies. But they get to a certain age when they definitely aren’t like babies any more. When they start getting boyfriends or girlfriends, growing hair where they never thought they would, and having mood swings like nothing else you’ll have seen before. That’s the true moment when you realise they’re a little bit older than you remembered. But you want to make sure you’re still supporting them as much as possible as they grow. They might not act like it, but they’re always going to need their mother whether they like to admit it or not. Here’s how you can still look after them even when they’re more independant.


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Their safety will always be your number one priority. Protecting it through the ages isn’t as hard as it may seem, even if they don’t like you invading their privacy. One place any teenager is at risk is through the web. The web is a scary place for anyone, for adults we’re more at risk of hackers, and for teenagers the risk of grooming through social media. It is a topic not a lot of people like to talk about, but one that is all so present when it comes to the internet. You can do things to protect them slightly like monitoring who they’re talking to, or who they have as friends on the apps. You can even get a webcam cover to cover up the camera to make sure they’re not at risk of hackers themselves. It is so easy for people to get into the webcams of laptops if they want to. Shielding them from that is going to add that little bit of protection you need. You can also monitor their internet usage through your broadband providers, and enable child protection features on the phone.



Their health is a little easier to protect than their internet habits. You should always be making sure you’re feeding them a healthy diet, and teaching them the importance of a healthy diet no matter what age they are. It is easy enough for us as parents to become a little lazy with the food as they become older, but this is where you should be paying the most attention. Teach them how to cook healthy meals to prepare them for a future on their own. That is one thing people don’t seem to teach their children is how to cook, but it is one of the most important life skills that they can learn. In terms of their general health, there isn’t much else you can do apart from making sure their diet is balanced. They will now be old enough to recognise when there is something wrong with their body, so it will be easier to diagnose sooner with the doctors. Mental health is something you also need to consider. Make sure you have a good bond with your child so that they can talk to you about anything. The number of teenagers with mental health disorders are growing, so you need to look out for the warning signs listed here.


** Note: This is a collaborative post, image and text has been provided to us for a small fee.

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