5 Ways To Look After Your Money When Travelling **


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When travelling, we can often get so caught up gawping at the sights that we forget to look around us for dangers. One such danger is thieves who often tend to prey upon tourists. You can deter thieves by keeping your money secure when travelling. Here are five tricks for warding off burglars.


Don’t keep all your cash in your wallet

It’s not advisable to keep all your money in one place. If you lose your wallet, all your spending money will be gone. By stashing it in different places, you can make it harder for a thief to pickpocket you. Try not to put money in outside pockets that can be easily reached into. Instead, try hiding notes in belt bags, internal bag compartments and even your socks and shoes. Women can even consider hiding money in their bra. If you’ve got a base to go back to such as a hotel room, you might also want to keep some cash hidden here.


Be discreet when spending

Make sure that you’re not flashing your cash too much abroad as it could draw the attention of thieves and make you a target. If you’re in a bar or a shop, try not to take out a whole wad of cash before sorting through it in front of the staff. Similarly, if you have to sort through your cash or count it up, try to do this in a private place.


Take out a preloaded card

If the country you’re going to accepts card in most restaurants and hotels, it could be worth getting a preloaded card. You can put your spending money on this card, saving you from having to carry cash. The beauty of these cards is that you don’t have to pay transaction fees when using it because the money has already been converted.


Use a credit card

Credit cards are also a secure option – much more secure than debit cards which could be stolen and used for everything from online shopping to contactless payment. Credit card transactions are closely monitored by credit card companies and can be refunded if fraudulent behaviour is going on. It’s worth shopping around for the best credit cards for travel. Some credit cards may have extra benefits when using them abroad such as low interest rates.


Stay cautious of hotel safes

If you’re staying in a hotel room that has a safe, think twice before putting your cash in there. Not all hotel safes are 100% secure – some may have a master code, which staff have access to. Others may not be fixed securely to the wall making it easy for a burglar to take the whole safe. You might be better off hiding cash in your suitcase. Consider special stashing places such as slipping your notes behind the lining of the suitcase or hiding your cash in socks or sleeves of clothes.


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