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Sometimes the mundane repetition of life can feel all too suffocating to continue with, and you can feel like packing your bags and escaping before the Monday morning dread sets in. Rather than getting on a plane and disappearing for a few days, it may be more beneficial to book into a spa instead, and really let yourself relax and breathe for a while. When you have a busy lifestyle – whether that be you are an amazing boss, parent or both – you can forget to take some very important time for yourself. A sense of guilt can set in when having some “me time”, so you continuously cut it short every time,                                                             

to point where spending time alone focusing on yourself can seem foreign. If what you’ve just read sounds familiar, you are far overdue some rest and relaxation away from your daily grind to reconnect with yourself and remind yourself why your daily routine is so worth it. Here is a list of some of the best spa destinations in the United Kingdom and what they have on offer.


Dormy House Hotel

If you are looking for some iconic British countryside and stunning accommodation to retire to at the end of a long day, Dormy House Hotel could come at the top of your “favourite places” list. Wrap up in one of their luxurious bathrobes and dressing gowns and take a visit to the outdoor hydrotherapy hot tub, or one of the three thermal suites to really relax. Alternatively, sign up to one of their rave-reviewed treatments to give yourself and your skin/ muscles some much needed TLC. You can then return relaxed and pampered to your converted farmhouse roomy suite, for one of the best night’s sleep of your life. The next morning you can get some fresh air and vitamin D whilst exploring and realising why the Cotswolds in one the most popular destinations in the UK.


Cameron House, Loch Lomond

If you are wanting your breath to be taken away as well as all the knots in your muscles, Cameron House may be your annual destination for some R and R. With a unique rooftop heated infinity pool, and all the luxury spa treatments you can think of – you’re unlikely to find an accommodation quite like this one. When you are not relaxing the pool or having a much-needed massage, you can explore Glasgow’s many museums or take a visit to the infamous Glasgow Cathedral. Located just a short way from Glasgow airport, this destination is suitable from anywhere in the world – so there is no excuse not to book yourself some time out.


The Grove Hotel

If you find yourself in London, and just a little too overwhelmed by the famous tourist locations, you can escape to The Grove Hotel just a little over half an hour outside of the main city. If their delicious breakfast in bed, and boasted “best body treatments you’ll ever experience” isn’t enough to tempt you, then maybe their infamous beautiful grounds and four five star restaurant areas is your idea of heaven? Either way, this location has something for everyone, so get your girlfriends together for the ultimate relaxation experience, and a big glass of wine from their world of wine menu – or let your hair down and go for a whole bottle. It is your relaxing weekend after all!


Lucknam Park, Wiltshire

If you are looking for a just as impressive massage as accommodation, this Georgian mansion spa may be the most modern spa on this list. Recently introducing new therapies like their dry floatation and Sunlight sessions, you won’t find another spa with treatments quite like this. You can still have your usual massage and facial if you like to stick to what you know, but you may find that you surprise yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new. When you’re not on the massage table, you can fill your time with relaxing walks around the grounds taking in the impressive views and getting the perfect picture to document your time away on Instagram.


The Gainsborough Bath Spa

If you want a tried and tested method of relaxing that has been raved about for hundreds of years, then look no further. The only spa to tap into the natural thermal waters of Bath, this spa will give you a unique experience that dates back to the relaxation methods of the Romans and Georgians. With the unique “Bath House Circuit” that you cannot leave without trying, and Asian therapy inspired treatments – this blog saved the best recommendation till last.

Whether you plan to visit them all, or just have a one-off trip to get away from the 9 to 5 grind, you cannot go wrong with the spas on this list. Tried and tested by many reviewers, their boasts ring true, and you will return to your usual routine feeling relaxed and rejuvenated – ready to take on the world.  


** Note: This is a collaborative post, image and text has been provided to us for a small fee.

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