Five Great Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls **

If you are stuck with choosing a gift for a teenage girl, you are not alone. Actually, teenagers are the hardest age group to buy presents for. Their taste and preferences change every week, and you shouldn’t even try to keep up with their music choices. To make sure you are getting them something they will truly appreciate, find a few sure fire ideas that are going to work, no matter how picky the recipient is.

1. The Latest Headphones

There is one thing all teenagers enjoy: getting in their own space and listening to music. When you give them a lift and put on the radio or your own music collection, you can be sure that they will put their headphones on. A quality pair of headphones will surely impress them. It can be the latest wireless version, or one they can use in their bedroom, with built in noise cancellation, they will not frown upon a decent pair of headphones.


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2. Music Gift Cards

To make sure they get the music they are currently into, you can buy online or offline music vouchers and gift cards and let them use it on whatever they fancy. From iTunes to Google Play, and Amazon, there are different options to choose from. The best thing is that you can pick up one of these cards at most larger supermarkets.


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3. Beauty Gift Cards

Makeup and beauty products are also essential for teenage girls to function. Find out which beauty shop is their favourite, and get them a voucher, instead of a perfume they might not even like. This way, you don’t make the gift too personal, and allow the self-conscious teen to express themselves through their chosen products. If you are not sure which brands they fancy, you could also opt for a OneForAll card that can be spent in hundreds of outlets, and give them even more freedom.


4. Personalised Candles

Teenage girls love spending time in their rooms and make it cosy and personal. You can get them a personalised candle with their image or name on, and they will love you forever. They might never light the candle, but display it with other small items they have been collecting since childhood on their shelves. You can order these candles online or in store, and choose the scent, shape, colour, as well as the personalisation options.


5. Jewellery

If you are shopping for presents for teenagers who are close family members, you can get them jewellery, as well. From pearl necklaces and sets from Otomo to quality silver jewellery, you have several options. Find out more about their favourite designer brand, so you know their style and preferences.

Whether you are looking to buy a present for a girly teenager, or one who is into the latest grime music, you will need to stay flexible. You might think that they are still in their goth phase, while in reality they have changed their style and taste. Get them something universal, and provide them with the freedom to choose their items, as a sign of respect and trust.


** Note: This is a collaborative post, image and text has been provided to us for a small fee.

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