Transform Your Life By Summer? It Is Possible! **



January isn’t even over, but most of us have already given up on our New Year’s Resolutions. But many will spend the next 11 months committing the same errors as always before doing the annual fortnight of good living next year. However, you can make 2018 different, and it starts with rethinking your approach.

The problem with NYRs is that we focus on the things we’re not going to do. So, why not do the opposite by paying attention to the positive additions that can be made in your life. Focus on the four factors below, and your life will be vastly improved by the time summer arrives.


Body Image

This is a big one. In fact, getting a better body is probably the most common item to appear on people’s wish lists. Unfortunately, most fall into the trap of thinking about the foods they can cut out. While this is an important part of the transformation, focusing on improved fitness is the better idea.

Working your way towards a better 5km p.b or improved performances on the softball team will encourage improvements. Better still, you’ll be making those life upgrades in an enjoyable fashion. Not only should this help you achieve positive results by summer, but you’ll also be in a position to sustain the new physique. Yo-yo diets and similar ideas never end well.   



Financial Health

Many things in this life can fill us with worry and panic. However, financial fears are unquestionably among the worst. As such, finding a better way to repay your debts with can be one of the best things all year. While your finances might not look completely different in six months time, your general position will do.

There are plenty of additional ways to gain greater control. From trimming the fat off of phone and television packages to becoming a fan of upcycling, those steps will make a big impact. Honestly, it’ll be far better than anything you tried to incorporate during the first week or two of January.



Human interaction is the greatest source of happiness. Whether it’s meeting a potential lover or just increasing your network of friends doesn’t matter. Getting out there to create winning relationships with new people is something that will enhance your life greatly. In truth, even one new addition to your network could transform your life.

As well as new relationships, you should create more time for the people that are already in your life. Whether it’s going on dates with your partner, or arranging nights out with old friends doesn’t matter. Nothing in this life is more important than friends and family.




Self-improvement should be a priority no matter what stage of life you’re currently at. Education is the key, and it needn’t always be academic. Learning a new skill can be equally rewarding. Visit to finally become a talented musician, and that new passion in life is sure to brighten up your days.

Other ideas can include learning a language or becoming an expert at DIY. Whether those ideas enhance your life in a practical manner or not, the sense of achievement is sure to fill you with pride. Besides, you’ll probably choose something that you actively wish to accomplish. So, you’re bound to have fun too. What more could anyone ask for?


** Note: This is a collaborative post, image and text has been provided to us for a small fee.

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