Keeping Your Fitness Levels Rising On The Go **

We all know that it can be very inconvenient when we are wanting to exercise but find that we can’t keep up the momentum on the go. The distractions can creep in, the hunger or thirst can strike, or we simply just don’t have the right level of motivation to keep us going. We know we need to do it, being active is all part of a balanced lifestyle. But how do we keep the fitness levels rising on the go? We want to share with you some of the ways you can do it.


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Make sure you keep the motivation

Many of us need that motivation to keep us going and with the advanced technology of having small device s so we can listen to music or track our exercise are just some of the ways we can do it. Fitbits, iPods, and smartphones are all able to track your performance as well as provide motivation, but if they run out of charge this can easily be an excuse to stop. This is when websites like mobile mob can really help you out. Enabling you to take on cables that can charge on the go, or simply make it easier to do before you start taking exercise.


Have a water bottle to hand

Exercise or being active means that you are putting strain on your body and one of the first things we can experience is thirst and need for hydration. It isn’t always easy to have access to it, especially if you are going out for a run. But thankfully, there are now water bottles that are easily transported depended on the exercise you are doing. For example, a bottle that you can grip normally means that you can run as normally while holding your bottle, ready for hydration when you need it.


Enjoy foods that will keep your energy levels sustained

Energy levels ca dip when you take exercise and hunger can strike. However, ensuring you eat the right foods that can monitor your energy levels and give you that burst when you need it would be a good idea to have before taking on any activity. Avoid big meals before exercise as this can make you sluggish and even unwell. After exercise, make sure you replenish your energy levels with carbohydrates and proteins. If you do feel that hunger strikes while exercising, that you can keep fruit like bananas on hand or even something like a baked oat treat to keep you going.


Tailor your exercise to your moods

Finally, we don’t always feel like taking on exercise, and while often you do need to start doing something to get into it, sometimes your mood will help you dictate that I should try something else. If you don’t feel so great maybe consider tailoring your exercise to your mood, taking it easy with yoga or a run instead a full on gym session, for example.


I hope that these tips help you to keep your fitness levels rising on the go.


** Note: This is a collaborative post, image and text has been provided to us for a small fee.

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