4 “Friend Date” Ideas That Aren’t Super Lame **

When you hang out with your girlfriends, you can be forgiven for treading the same old tracks. Shopping, a lovely lunch at a new bistro and a few glasses of wine over a gossip are the staples of the friend date. Sometimes, though, this can get a little samey and it’s far more fun to think of other things that you can enjoy together. Don’t get me wrong; there’s plenty to be said for enjoying the latest bottle of white wine over a whine, there’s just other things in the world to enjoy together!


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Friendship is underrated these days, with most friendships being formed online in social media groups and forums. We are a world of people who find it easier to communicate over a screen and a phone rather than in person, and while this is just the way of the world now, it doesn’t have to be. There is something far more fun in ordering delicious teas from Tea and Coffee and sampling them with people in person; not over Skype! So, we’ve got four of the best friend date ideas so that the next time you meet up is new, fun and exciting. You’ve got to keep those friendship fires stoked!


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  1. Hit up some history with an afternoon at a museum. Get your hot drinks loaded into a Thermos or one of these stylish travel mugs, and head out to the local museum for a little culture and a lot of fun! Most museums and galleries are free, and if you’re enjoying the city, why not add a couple of these freebies to your day?
  2. Head outdoors on a good day for a picnic. You could both – or all, if it’s a group – bring some picnic foods that will change your day and you could jazz it up by going for a theme. Go British one week, French the next. Add a small radio to your picnic bag and bring the sun cream; so many huge parks are full of people catching a few rays and listening to music, so join in!
  3. Go to the movies and make sure you pick two back to back. Sit at the back and either marvel in the artistic genius together, or choose a really, really bad movie and narrate it between yourselves. Don’t be too loud, though, as you don’t want to disturb others. That’s half the fun, though – trying not to laugh loudly makes things ten times as funny!
  4. Set up camp on the couch and binge watch Gossip Girl, or another such programme that neither of you have seen. Personally, I don’t think you can get enough Chuck and Blair in your life, can you? Add in some popcorn, order a pizza and get a little squiffy with a bottle of wine.

Who needs bistros and sushi when you’ve got pizza and hair chalk? You may not be teenagers anymore but that doesn’t mean you can’t act like it. Keep the friendship flame burning and reconnect in the most fun ways to make your year!


** Note: This is a collaborative post

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