The Essential Guide To The Mod Look In Modern Times **

Mention the words ‘vintage,’ ‘mid-century’ or ‘retro’ to any fashionista and they will know that you are bang on trend. All things swinging sixties and colourful seventies are massively en vogue at the moment. If you want to achieve the mod look, you have to select your pieces very carefully, or you could end up looking like an extra from the set of the original Star Trek series or, worse still, look like you are permanently heading out to a fancy dress party. Take a look at this guide to achieving the ultimate mod look for modern times.

The-Essential-Guide-To-The Mod Look In Modern Times

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Select Your Brands Carefully

Head out to the high street, and you will find plenty of mid-century inspired attire for you to spend your hard earned cash on. However, you need to make sure that the clothing you buy can be pieced together to form a fully cohesive outfit. Brands like Vera Mont were actually founded in the decade you are trying to emulate at the same time Jackie Kennedy was the First Lady in the White House. Purchasing from an authentic fashion brand means you can be sure of the most vintage designs. A black pencil skirt or a monochrome chiffon dress can ooze sixties style effortlessly.


Key Pieces

No mod look would be complete without a pair of monkey mod boots. With a chunky yet small solid heel and suedette coating, this footwear is the epitome of the mod look. Women in the 1960s wore there knee-high boots to many a soiree while riding pillion on a Vespa or Lambretta scooter. Coupled with a leather jacket of either a deep tan or black hue, you can emulate the rock chick feminine look that was so popular fifty years ago.



If in doubt, begin your mod look with some monochrome styling. Black and white pinafore dresses with a black turtleneck beneath was a staple of the 1960s wardrobe. This should echo through into your makeup and even your hair styling. While you might not want to change your luscious blonde locks to a shocking emo inspired jet black, you can still have a sharp short bob complete with fringe to show off the mod look you aspire to.


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When confident enough, you should add splashes of colour to your attire. Block, bold and geometric patterns were the order of the day in the swinging sixties. Ladies adored mustard yellows, teal blues and muted greens. The prints you choose should be bold and adorn your tops and dresses with pride. Despite popular belief, the clothing of the 1960s was relatively modest with few low cut tops or midriffs showing. Instead, the classic mod look was long sleeves and high necklines alongside fitted figure-hugging outfits.

The 1960s were a time of the revolution. While the mini skirt and Dr Martens became hugely fashionable, it was the mod look that really stood the test of time. Even today, the world’s finest designers are using all things vintage to inspire their creations. Why not use some 1960s design flair to inspire your next wardrobe purchases.


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