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If there is one destination in the world that is perfect for travelers of all budget sizes, it has to be South-East Asia. This is such a huge area as it covers various countries, such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. It’s a hotbed for backpackers as the close proximity of all the countries mean that it is ever so easy to hop between various states. There’s no wonder why so many travelers decide to visit more than one country while they are in South-East Asia!

However, some potential travelers are put off by just all the travel that you will have to do to see as much of South-East Asia as possible. Are you worried about all the backpacking? You shouldn’t be! In fact, the people who head off to this area feeling slightly apprehensive about what will await them are the ones who often have the best time!

So, think that South-East Asia could be your next holiday destination? Here are some tips that can help you enjoy your time over there.



Look For Local Accommodation

Most backpackers who head to South-East Asia tend to go for the cheapest accommodation that they can find. More often than not, this is often rooms in hostels. However, the quality and standard of hostels over there aren’t always that great. In fact, some hostels are particularly dirty and won’t be that comfortable. Thankfully, though accommodation tends to be very cheap in most countries in this region, so you should be able to afford something a bit fancier than a budget hostel. You might want to take a look on sites like https://www.propertyguru.com.my/resources/to-rent-guide/renting-a-property-deposits-recurring-costs-tenancy-agreements-and-responsibilities to find out about renting out an entire property as your holiday rental. There are many locals who list their apartments and homes on sites like Airbnb, and it’s always a good idea to find out what is and isn’t legal when it comes to subletting these types of accommodations. Don’t forget, though, if you don’t fancy staying in a hostel or someone’s private property, then you should think about saving up for a hotel room.

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Take The Weather Into Consideration

One of the main things that you need to consider when you are wondering when to travel to South-East Asia is the weather. You can keep an eye on the changing weather in this region by checking websites like https://weather.my/weather/genting-highlands/current-weather/location/?gid=7799988&language=english&country=malaysia. Generally speaking, though, there are two monsoon seasons that you should not travel during. Otherwise, you could end up extremely wet! The monsoon seasons vary from country to country. For instance, Thailand’s rainy season runs from May to October. However, Indonesia’s wettest months are from November to April. So, it’s worth thinking about which countries you want to visit so that you can start planning your trip around the weather.



Eat At The Street-Food Markets

Wondering what kind of foods you’ll be able to try while you are travelling through South-East Asia? Well, you might be very happy to hear that there will be a lot of new and exciting ingredients for you to try. And you can find most of this exotic and unique food at the various street-food markets that are dotted around most of the region’s towns and cities. You might be initially put off eating here because the prices are so cheap, but don’t let that fool you. In actual fact, the food out on the street markets is often a lot better than what you would find in most restaurants. Most big cities have large night markets which are great for picking up something tasty for dinner.



Be As Active As Possible

You might think that backpacking around such a large region would be all the activity that you would need. But that usually isn’t the case! In fact, most backpackers often find that they end up lounging around and relaxing once they get to their various destinations. Relaxing is fine, of course, as you are on holiday, but it’s also a good idea to try and be as active as possible so that you can see and do as much as you can. So, it’s good to try and find some hikes or cycle rides that you can take part in so that you can get out and about. You might never come back to this region again so you should be very active trying to soak up as much as possible!

Stay Healthy While Traveling

It’s always important to stay fit and healthy, but that is especially the case while you are travelling, especially somewhere as far away as South-East Asia. While you are travelling through the region, you should stay away from any tap water and anything that might have been prepared with it, such as ice cubes and salads. The water isn’t poisonous, but it will have a different mineral balance in it compared to what you are used to, which could easily lead to an upset stomach. Plus, you might need to have some shots before you head off to Asia. These vaccinations will prevent you from catching illnesses, such as yellow fever and typhoid. You should speak to your GP to find out which shots you need.

Save Time For Temples And Beaches

It can be easy to get wrapped up in all your travelling and to stay constantly on the go when you are jumping from country to country in South-East Asia. But you should try and make some time to visit all of the beautiful temples that are in the majority of countries. Not only that, though, but each country will have a large number of scenic beaches that you will want to spend a few hours unwinding and sunbathing on. So, be sure to plan enough time for these in your itinerary!

South-East Asia is such a dreamy region to explore, you will certainly have a great time once you get there. Hopefully, all of the tips above will help you enjoy yourself even more!


** Note: This is a collaborative post

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