Spring Into Summer: Four Ways To Freshen Up **


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Now that the sunshine has finally made an appearance, and the endless UK winter has finally dissolved into something more seasonal, it’s a natural point to review our routines and freshen ourselves up as we step into summer. Suddenly, the heavy treatments and products that suited our dried out winter complexions aren’t working so well – we need a new season overhaul for our bodies as much as for our wardrobes. So get fresh and embrace the new season with these pointers:

Swap Heavy Cream for Lighter Layers

Just as you’ve ditched your heavy winter coat in favour of light and floaty summer layers, so your face and body could do with the same treatment. Get rid of the thick cream in favour of water-weight formulations that still pack a punch. Your cleanser and moisturiser could benefit from a hit of hyaluronic acid, a wonder chemical that boosts the skin’s ability to retain water, plumping and smoothing without smothering. Found in everything from the Neutrogena Hydro Boost range to purse-friendly high-performance ranges like The Ordinary, benefitting from this wonder ingredient doesn’t have to cost the earth. If you need something a little more heavy duty, light use of products like botox and dermal fillers used by a certified professional can help to improve overall face symmetry and smooth out stubborn expression lines that won’t benefit from creams alone.

Get Your Summer Glow Up Going

All eyes were on Saturday’s Royal Wedding, and one of the most talked about topics has to be

Meghan Markle’s wedding makeup – that fantastic, natural-but-polished glow. Mimic the look by swapping heavy foundation for the newest formulations that combine a light-as-air finish with skin-evening powers, such as Beauty Pie Micro-Mineral Foundation. Choose a sheer liquid or cream formulations where ever possible – Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush is a great product loaded with subtle shimmer that can be used on cheeks and lips to great effect.

Turbocharge Your Diet

Pack your diet with nutrients and superfoods, and your skin and waistline will reflect the difference. Introducing more sugar-free options, whole foods, colour and variety into your diet doesn’t have to be hard – swap your usual breakfast for a superfood smoothie, You can even add in powdered super greens for a huge boost to health and wellbeing. Try to ‘eat a rainbow’ each day – as many different coloured fruits and vegetables as you can at each meal.

Give Your Teeth a Treat

Perk up your smile with an at-home teeth whitening treatment. It’s amazing what a lift a bright, healthy smile can give to your whole face – and if your teeth are looking good, you’re more likely to show them off by smiling more, which is proven to generate feel-good chemicals that put you in a better mood – an all-around win-win. There’s an option to suit everyone, from brush-on whitening pens to no-mess Mr Blanc Whitening Strips, and even charcoal mouth scrubs. For fans of the more natural route, try oil pulling using organic coconut oil, which will give you a dazzling smile minus the chemicals.


** Note: This is a collaborative post

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