Why Kids Hobbies Aren’t Just About Having Fun **


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It is all too easy for kids to live a sheltered life now. Where Gen X and even Millennials spent lots of time running around outside and calling for each other on bikes, this young generation are spending a lot of time inside looking at screens. Even when they call for each other, they are less likely to go outside.  

So it falls to parents to make sure that their kids are torn away from the screens they love and do other things too. It doesn’t have to be den building or running around for no apparent reasons (as much as we enjoyed it!), but they do need to develop some practical skills in some way.

While you might be looking ahead and worrying about helping them get to university, this preparation should start when they are toddlers. Kids hobbies aren’t just about keeping them interested in something and having fun – they are also about developing skills necessary in adulthood.


Kids are unbelievably lucky in that their bodies are much more forgiving than adults. This means that they still find running fun where we find it exhausting, irritating and basically pants. Getting your kids onto a sports team when they are young will capitalize on this ability and give them a foundation of fitness they can continue through to adulthood.

If your kids aren’t particularly competitive or aren’t into the usual ball-based games, dancing is a good alternative. Ballet for kids is a great way to improve balance and flexibility just as it will give them better stamina overall. Similarly, there are things like street dance, zumba and all sorts of dance-fit activities for kids to look into.


Music has been gentrified beyond belief in recent years and the lack of music on school curriculums is really unfortunate for most kids. It is now up to parents to pay for musical education and though it is expensive, it is certainly worthwhile. It has been shown that musicians have a better connection between the two halves of their brain than non-musicians. This is fascinating because it seems that there is a connection between being musically minded and intelligence.

Of course, the real thing about music is the number of skills it brings into play, rhythm, pitch, reading and listening, emotive playing, diligent practise – all of these things are going to set your kids up for success later on in life.


The real tragedy about kids showing up to school without basic motor skills is that all it takes is picking up a crayon and scribbling on some paper. This is one of the cheapest activities kids can do but it is enormously beneficial for them.

Learning to write is a lot harder when you don’t really know how to hold a pencil so getting these experiences in early will really help. Art classes are also great as they bring lots of kids together and let them get messy without you having to do the cleaning up afterwards! Classes also provide them with a bit of direction and new experiences too.


** Note: This is a collaborative post, image and text has been provided to us for a small fee.


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