Reusable Cotton Bags: They’re Stylish, They’re Green, They’re Affordable **

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While the world continues the plastic bag vs paper bag debate, we often forget that there is a third option. One that is more environmentally friendly and makes you look way more stylish. That’s right, reusable printed bags made from cotton have been around for a while now, yet it has never managed to get the attention it deserves. Let’s first address the environmental aspect. Cotton bags or canvas bags are both biodegradable and have a much less polluting production process.


Why Cotton Bags Make Great Fashion Accessories?

There is nothing sexy about carrying a polythene bag. One of the reasons people don’t reuse these bags is that they never really go with any attire. Not even Bradley Cooper with his unquestionably sexy looks can pull off plastic grocery bags. This is where printed cotton bags come into play. They not only look great paired with casual wear, but they are also essentially made from the same material our clothes are made from. Even cotton tote bags that are given away for free at stores such as Whole Foods and boutique retail outlets go well with simply everyday attire like jeans and t-shirt.

Boutique retail brands understand the importance of creating a clean and classy design. This is why they often include clever taglines and design the bags in a way that they can be carried around without shame. This creates a win-win scenario, where customers proudly carry around the cotton carrier bags and the retail stores get more eyes on their brands.

No matter you buy them or get them for free, make sure they match the clothes you have. If you are crafting a look around two or three colors, make sure the primary color of the bag closely matches at least one of them. You really don’t want to wear a white dress with a black jacket and carry around a pink cotton bag.


Advantages of Reusing Cotton Bags

There are more than a few reasons why people buy cotton printed bags for shopping. Stores that give away cotton bags for free also witness a higher percentage of customers reusing them as compared to ones that give away plastic or paper bags. Following are 3 practical reasons why.

They can be washed and dried like normal clothes: How do you clean a plastic or paper bag? You don’t. That’s probably one of the primary reasons why bags made from these materials are almost never reused. Cotton bags, on the other hand, can be simply tossed inside a washing machine along with clothes. Something you cannot do when cleaning reusable bags made from other materials.

They are more durable than plastic and paper: You typically want a bag that not only matches your overall style but also has a practical purpose. While they are not waterproof, cotton bags can carry a heavier load.

They are more comfortable to carry around: Cotton bags can be hung over the shoulder. This allows your hands to be free when walking down the road. Cotton bags are also easier to carry around when they are empty. You can simply fold them up and carry them inside your pocket.


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