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We live in what many have termed as a digital age. This emphasizes the fact that in the present age, it is very essential for our kids to learn how to type. However, learning to type doesn’t necessarily have to be a chore or a strenuous activity. It can simply be in form of a free typing game. Free typing games are nice to learn how to type due to the fact that they awaken a lot of sense of the kids involved in the activity. Not only is the kid learning how to type, the kid is also having fun and exercising his or her brain. Listed below are 10 free typing games which will be highly beneficial for your kids.



Dance Mat Typing

Dance Mat is a free typing game which aids kids in learning how to easily locate all the letters and keys on the keyboard. During the initial stages of the game, children are made to become increasingly familiar with the “home row” keys. The game features the use of some nice animal friends to assist the children in their sequential learning process. The game at some stages will also teach how to make use of the Shift key in getting capital letter, apostrophe, slash and period. This free typing game is also fantastic to teach kids the proper positioning of hands on the keyboard.


Keyboard Climber 2

This free typing game helps kids to learn in an engaging way. In the game, there is monkey stuck at the bottom of a cave. By inputting the correct letters, kids can help the monkey to escape the cave. The game helps to effectively combine fun and skill development making sure that our kids learn and have fun simultaneously. This free typing game is perfect for kids who are beginners to typing because of the absence of a timer. Kids can play this game at their own pace.



The Typing of the Ghosts

This game is perfect for older kids who have already gotten skilled at typing and you need them to increase their pace. This game is perfect for developing the speed of young typists. This game is the best for the kids that have gone well past the beginner’s stage. Challenges in the game are designed to be completed quickly.

This game may be scary for some kids.



This free typing game follows the same concept of Pac-Man. You move the Key-Man around the maze by inputting different letters. This game helps them improve quickly without most of them even noticing it.


Key Seeker

The Key Seeker is a free typing game which is perfect in helping kindergarteners learn the alphabet. It will help young children identify letters on the screen while locating the correct letter on the keyboard to match it. It will also teach the kids the right hand to use in pressing the keys.  This free typing game helps improve the mind of very young children.


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