How To Stay Comfortable and Relaxed When You’re Travelling **

When it comes to travelling, we tend to think of the good times: the lounging by the pool, meeting people, slow walking through the world’s finest cities, and so on. In our daydreams, we ignore the tougher aspects: the discomfort of long journeys, the tiredness, all those annoying but essential aspects that are built around the travel. Though this is a sizeable part of travelling, we often fail to prepare for it…and then we’re left annoyed and frustrated when they arrive. But what if there was a way to make these moments more bearable? Well, there is. Below, we take a look at five ways to make your travel adventures more comfortable and relaxing.


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Don’t Overdo The Journey

People can often get carried away in the planning stages of their travels. They think of all the things they want to see, and plan to visit them all. Or, they’re motivated by cheaper flights and decide to land at an airport that’s still a considerable journey away from their eventual destination. It’s easy to think they’re good ideas when you’re sitting in your living room, daydreaming about travel, but you may come to regret them once you’re actually on the road. Keep the journey simple wherever possible.


Wear the Right Clothes

If you look back at photographs taken on aeroplanes during the 1950’s and 60’s, you’ll notice that everyone’s dressed way too smartly. They look cool, sure, but can they be comfortable? No way. Today, we’re much more relaxed on planes; there are no suits necessary. But still, people kind of get it wrong. Jeans and a big jumper are not comfortable on a long flight. Instead, look at athleisure wear from secondtoNAKED. You’ll feel completely at ease, and you’ll look good too – a win-win situation!


Choose a Plush Bed

This is one is more directed at the penny pincher travellers, who often try to save money by staying in hyper-budget accommodations away from the city centre, if in a bed at all. After your travels, you’re going to be tired – and you’ll be yearning for a comfortable bed. You can keep everything on a budget the following day, when you’ve restored your energy levels, but it’s worthwhile booking somewhere nice for when you land. No-one ever regrets the decision when they’re getting into a king size bed.


Earplugs and Headphones

One of the best ways to relax yourself during your travels is to sleep through the boring, long parts. Some people struggle to sleep on a plane. If you’re like that, then you need to have earplugs and headphones. You won’t sleep on a plane without them. Throw in a travel pillow, and you’ll be able to rest through the logistical side of your trip.


Eat and Drink

And finally, remember that everyone’s moody when they’re hungry and tired! You can’t do anything about the tired side of things, but the hunger is in your hands. Keep yourself well-fed and hydrated, and you’ll be able to take on anything.


** Note: This is a collaborative post.

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