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The phrase “less is more” means a lot in the beauty industry. In rhinoplasty, the Less is More philosophy is often practiced by both the patients and surgeons. Whether you want to correct or enhance your appearance, it is always beneficial to make small but impactful changes than to do grandiose changes that will have little to no impact on your health and looks.


What Is A Good Plastic Surgery?

Notable and successful plastic surgeons will tell you that the best surgery is the one you cannot see. Indeed, poorly done plastic surgery can have quite the opposite effect of that which you desire. Whether we are talking about Botox, peels or other types of rhinoplasty, an aesthetic surgery will not try to overemphasize the change. Now, what does that mean?

Well, if you are having nose surgery, the change should be subtle and minor. Moreover, it should sway the attention to other parts of your face, perhaps your eyes or your lips. Of course, much of this depends on your surgeon’s stubbornness and expertise, and whether or not they are willing to hear you out and cooperate.


And The Bad Ones?

Bad surgeries are the ones you can spot from a mile away. Now, we aren’t saying that you should aim to hide the fact that you had plastic surgery; if you are ashamed of it, perhaps it’s not a good idea to have it in the first place. However, you shouldn’t overemphasize it either.

If you are super excited about your changes, feel the excitement from within, but delicately showcase it on your surface. Furthermore, don’t just blindly follow the trends! You want to look beautiful, right? Then rise above the patterns and focus on what is permanent. That’s the “problem” with plastic surgery; it is very hard, often impossible to undo.

Also, always keep in mind that you can always do additional surgeries if you feel that the changes to your body were unnoticeable. However, if you do too much, it is almost always impossible to negate the “too much” effect.


A Team Job

You and your surgeon should act as a team, not arch enemies. Now we know that people often have different opinions, especially when it comes to appearance, but two things need to be understood:

  1. You shouldn’t blindly listen to your surgeon merely because they are a surgeon! Plastic surgery is an art, not a construction site, and even though your surgeon is the one holding the brush, they should listen to your wishes.
  2. You should, on the other hand, allow your surgeon to offer their expert opinion on the subject. The “this is my body, and I can do whatever I want with it” argument should be strictly avoided. Otherwise, you will feel the need to make more and more changes to your body and potentially negate all the right changes you already accomplished.


Do You Even Need It?

Most people that opt for plastic surgery feel the need to change their looks for various reasons. Sometimes these changes are not only beneficial but necessary for health-related reasons. The best example is the rhinoplasty, which is often prescribed by doctors to people that have breathing problems.

But what about cosmetic surgeries? Well, rhinoplasty is an excellent example of small but useful plastic surgery. Because the nose is located at the center of your face, it often drives the most attention, together with our eyes and lips. Whether you a reconstructive or aesthetic plastic surgery, it is preferable that you are seeking it for yourself.

This lowers the chances of poorly done surgeries because, if you are seeking it for someone else, you’ll probably force the issue and refuse surgeon’s potential refusal. Keep in mind that surgeons don’t always agree with their patient’s wishes and often refuse clients merely because they believe that surgery isn’t necessary or is obsolete.


Finding The Right Surgeon

Going for the top-tier and most popular might not always be a good idea even if you are incredibly wealthy. Why? Well, we mentioned that plastic surgery is a team job. Consequently, you should probably go with the surgeon that has not only good credentials and reviews but also the one that is unbiased and willing to cooperate.

Preferably, it should be a surgeon that appreciates the beauty and perceives the plastic surgery as a multipurpose tool, one that can improve the health and looks of the patients. While we can’t speak for other doctors, the Beverly Hills rhinoplasty expert, Dr. Andrew Frankel, should definitely be on your surgeons to visit list. He is certified in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and has served the needs of many patients.

While he specializes in rhinoplasty, Dr. Andrew Frankel also delivers impressive results in the domains of facelifting, brow lift as well as facelifting.


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** Note: This is a collaborative post.

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