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Moving house, office or into a small flat can be a daunting thing whether you are single, married with kids or even an elderly couple.  In this post, we share how you can make the process easier by ensuring that you have the right removal company to help you with your move. There is also so much to consider from packing existing items carefully, clearly labelling each boxes so no items are lost to ensuring that all the boxes reach the destination in one piece.


The essentials when moving house

Depending if you are moving within the same town or between cities, the first thing is to decide which items you absolutely need and which items you can survive without for a few hours/days. Separate these out according to each rooms.  This would also give you the opportunity to look through the items which you have collected over the years and to discard some of them which you have not used or had any use for. Pack the items which you absolutely need in luggage bags and have these with you at all times. Especially spare clothes for kids and essential toys, medications, books and DVDs.


How to pack items when moving

Once the items have been separated, ensure that you get enough bubble wraps for fragile items, old newspapers to wrap kitchen items and empty cardboard boxes from your local stores to pack the items. If you live in a big house and have lots of rooms, then tackle one room at a time. Start with the spare room and pack the items in the kitchen for last. Remember to pack the fragile items in a padded box with bubble wraps especially wine/beer glasses, if you can get some glass/bottle carriers from IKEA, that would be helpful.


How to label boxes when moving

One of the most important things I remember from moving offices a long time ago was to ensure that I labelled each box clearly. First with the number ie Box 1 of 10 and secondly a list of what items are in the box. As halfway through packing, I did need to refer to a file, but luckily I had this all sorted out. I used marker pens as temporary markings and used word document/google docs to list the items out. I made sure the box had a brief description while I had a more detailed description on paper. Remember to clearly indicate and mark the box as ‘Fragile’ if any fragile items are inside it.  If possible try to take note of the dimensions of the box as well as the weight of it as some removal services or courier company may ask for it.


Transporting boxes to your new flat/home/office

If you are a student, the elderly, single parent or even a family with young kids, the last thing is to worry about moving heavy items/ furniture/boxes from one location to another. Getting someone to help you such as employing a Removal Service ie a man who comes in a van to help you will ease your burden of transporting the items from one location to another without hassle and ease.


** Note: This is a collaborative post.


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