Top 5 Scenic Bike Rides In US For Fall **

Top 5 Scenic Bike Rides In US For Fall Shenandoah Valley

The month of October is fast-approaching and quite interestingly, it’s coming with the usual beautiful colors of fall. Even if you don’t have a strong flair for biking, the fast-approaching fall could be the best season to get a bike ready for riding along scenic roads flanked by canopies of trees. Some of these roads will expose you to the views of beautiful mountains, cool forests and colorful lakes.

If you’ll be setting out for biking in the coming season of fall, grab one of the city bikes and visit some of the best places where you can experience exciting fall rides in the US.

Shenandoah Valley

This is a lovely and leafy Virginia region that hosts the Fall Foliage Bike Festival –a yearly event running from October 16 to 18 and capturing the interests of both serious and casual cyclists from across the United States. The country roads of this region make way for exciting fall rides courtesy of the historic towns, cool forests and farms within eyesight. Whether you’re going for casual rides or for the Fall Foliage Bike Festival, rest assured that the routes of this region, extending from eight to 101 miles, will make interesting fall rides come alive.

Cape Cod Rail Trail

Formerly a railroad, Cape Cod Rail Trail is situated in Massachusetts. It’s a well-paved trail flanked by trees and biking along it will make you experience freshwater lakes and beautiful small towns. For the most pleasurable fall experience, go there in mid-October when peak color is still intact. Biking along this trail is damn intriguing and if you don’t have a bike (or you can’t afford keeping your bike with you while going there), rest assured that you’ll find a couple of bikes specialized for rentals along the trail. If you want to bring your own bike, a 3 speed road bike will be the best choice.

 Ozark-ST Francis National Forests

Situated in the region of Arkansas and Missouri, this region produces an awesome fall scene characterized by soothing nights, warm days and abundance of sunshine. Interestingly, the abundant sunshine produces a storm for an excellent fall color which still remains intact during the early stretch of November. In the lovely hours of fall, you could take up the strenuous 50-mile Syllamo mountain biking and experience great excitement while riding between rows of trees in a scenic and colorful atmosphere.

Top 5 Scenic Bike Rides In US For Fall Glacial Drumlin State Trail

Glacial Drumlin State Trail

This trail is another route formerly used as a railroad. It’s a flat path that covers 52 miles of the unmarred countryside of Wisconsin. Some parts of the paved trail are shaded by canopies of towering trees. This route makes way for an exciting biking experience for fall foliage courtesy of the favorable weather of the Midwest. October is a great period to take up scenic bike rides and without a doubt, this very trail is one of the best places to make this come alive.

Crested Butte

A famous Colorado ski town, Crested Butte houses lots of single-track trails for exciting mountain biking. The peak color often runs from early to mid-October and of course, biking along these trails is made exciting courtesy of the eye-catching scenery of meadows, forested areas, Aspen stands, streams and mountains. While the peak color of this region is said to begin fading in mid-October, going as early as the first few days of October can give you the most delightful fall rides.


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