Why Manchester Isn’t Always Mad Fer It **

Back in the 1990s at the height of the Britpop phenomenon, Manchester had a reputation for hedonism, a thriving music scene and round the clock hustle and bustle. As one if the UK’s most populated cities, Manchester has an envious mix of culture, heritage, and a non-stop buzz, not to mention the Peak District countryside on its doorstep. While many people suggest that it always rains in the North West, the people, the ethos and the atmosphere of the city are the sunniest of anywhere in the UK. Fast forward two decades and Manchester is a sought after location to live and to visit. Casting off the shackles of a mad fer it generation, Manchester now caters for everyone, not just the hardened Oasis fans. Take a look at how Manchester can provide its visitors with a more chilled out vibe.

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The buzzword of the moment is wellness. Everyone from your local GP to your best friend is describing how wellness is helping them lead a healthier lifestyle and maintain a sunnier disposition. Forget perfectly filtered Amaro selfies on Instagram to boost your feeling of self worth, hot Bikram yoga and mindfulness can have the same effect. You could take a look at this local Mancunian blog, and clue yourself up on the variety of yoga classes available in the city centre, catering for all from beginners to expert yogis.

You might fancy a jaunt to a spa in Manchester city centre or a trip to Float, one of Manchester’s premium festivals. Here, you could partake in a spot of Reiki, enjoy the power of healing crystals and find out how to combat your Vitamin B12 deficiency and enhance the complexion of your skin.

Open Spaces

Manchester city centre isn’t all red brick Victorian architecture, outstanding galleries and Michelin starred eateries. Venture to the green spaces, and you could feel like you are miles away from the big smoke. With a renewed focus on health and fitness, you could hot foot it to Alexandra Park or Debsdale and enjoy a gentle cycle ride, a leisurely jog or a ramble across more wooded areas. Being amongst nature is good for the soul, can recharge your batteries, rebalance your body clock and enhance your mood. The release of endorphins by simply breathing in some crisp, fresh air shouldn’t be underestimated.

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The Whitworth

For the perfect combination of culture and wellness, take a jaunt to the Whitworth gallery. This Manchester institution is over one hundred years old, and its setting amongst a beautiful park is perfect for escaping the business of the city. Take a look at the iconic sculpture terrace and art garden. You could while away a good few hours here, mooching around the outside exhibitions in the sunshine. Don’t leave without heading to the cafe in the trees. Set within the tree canopy, this is the perfect little spot to take a load off to enjoy an Americano and an exquisite organic chocolate brownie.

Just because you are enjoying the delights of one of the most populated cities in the UK doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the peace and tranquility it also has to offer.


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