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For all of the dads out there, have you been on a family holiday and felt you were somewhat inadequate in comparison to all the male Adonises out on the beach? We’ve all been there, and maybe this has prompted you to think about your image, as a dad, regardless of how young or old you are. One of the best starting points is to makeover your dad style, but what are the best ways to do this?

Get Your Health In Check

If you spent time walking around the beach and felt incredibly inadequate because you weren’t sporting a six-pack, don’t forget, this is incredibly unrealistic. If it hasn’t been said once, it’s been said a million times, to actually maintain that chiselled look, you can’t eat anything good! But you can still maintain a healthy life, by keeping everything in moderation, food-wise, and still look good. As long as you get on the road to a healthy lifestyle, perhaps by visiting the gym once a week, or setting yourself a challenge to do 100 press ups a week, you can get started right now!

Find A Few Simple Accessories

As far as your fashion is concerned, do you feel you could do with a little makeover? It’s a simple thing, but it can make us feel a lot better about ourselves, especially as we’re approaching middle-age. Instead of being the frumpy, almost overweight father, get some accessories to make you feel good about yourself, and even if your glasses are a little on the uninspiring side, there are sites like Glasses 2 You to inspire you to find the right pair of glasses for your face shape. Even something like a watch is a nice bit of understated bling that can transform your style, and with the right pair of shoes, you will feel better and walk taller.

Get Inspiration From People Your Age

One of the major fashion faux pas we all make is that we try to dress younger than our age. Not only is this unflattering, but it’s extremely embarrassing for our children! When making some changes to your appearance, either through style or lifestyle, it’s always a good idea, to begin with the people you admire, as well as those that are around the same age as you. There have been unlikely style icons throughout the years, even Hugh Laurie became an unlikely middle-aged sex symbol! There’s inspiration out there for every one of us.

If you have been looking in the mirror and felt somewhat underwhelmed by your appearance, only you can make the changes. A few bits of fashion alterations can help, but if you’ve been feeling your age recently, and you are trying to chase a more youthful appearance, this is going against the grain. Instead, embrace your age. After all, we all get older, not younger, and we need to age with grace, instead of flat-out denying the fact we’re getting older, and disguising this by dressing younger, or trying to keep up with the 18-year-olds out in the playing field. Be the best version of yourself, it’s the best advice anybody can get!



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