Five Habits to Kick If you Want a Stronger Immune System **

If you would like to get prepared for the fall and the winter colds, you need to start looking after your body and your immune system. The less active you are the more likely you will get sick over the next few months. Top up your vitamin and mineral supplies, and make sure that you get enough exercise, activities, and look after your mental health at the same time. Below you will find a list of some of the most dangerous habits you might want to break up with now.


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1. Sofa Training

When the weather gets colder, and nights become darker, we all feel like there’s not much to do after we finish work. In reality, however, you will be able to do loads of things. You can go for a walk at the weekend and hike up the mountains, challenging yourself and keeping your motivated. You can work out at home, starting the day with a yoga practice or a HIIT training, so you increase your circulation and your digestion.

2. Substance Use

We all love indulging in things we love, but over medicating ourselves will not be good for our immune system. You need to get help stopping smoking, so you reduce your risk of respiratory diseases and cold complications, such as chest infections and asthma. If you are used to nicotine, you might try Aspire e Cig to help you cut back and come off. Monitor your alcohol and painkiller consumption and find alternative ways of feeling better and improving your mood.

3. Stressing Over Little Things

Stress can damage your immune system and cause loads of psychosomatic symptoms. Always count to ten before you react to things that make you upset or angry and ask yourself whether or not it really matters. If it is not going to matter in a year’s time, just let it go. If you let things affect your mood and your health, you are more likely to develop mental illnesses that will make you less able to look after your health.


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4. Online Gaming for Hours

For many people, gaming is a thing that helps them switch off in their lunch breaks, but if you have noticed that you are overdoing it, you will need to find a way to replace this activity and get rid of your addiction. Try to complete real jigsaws, read a book, or book yourself and your friends into an escape room.

5. Takeaways

You might feel too tired to cook at night, but there are some simple dishes you can create at night in less than twenty minutes. If you would like to know what you are eating and make sure that you are supporting your immune system with the right minerals and vitamins, you might want to learn to cook from scratch. You will not only feel better, but also save a lot of money.

Over the years, due to our busy lifestyle, we often make bad choices and take on unhealthy habits. Make sure that you break up with your most unhealthy ones to improve your health during the cold months.


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